Nityananda Care of ‘Kailas’! How is the new country, where is it?

Nityananda Care of ‘Kailas’

Swami Nityananda Care Of Kailasa Now!  Nithyananda, who has just bought an island in South Ecuador, has settled down!  While it is still a mystery as to how and when he escaped from India and there are many reports of Nithyananda’s new country.  In the new country of Nityananda, his whims can become law!  So come on, let’s get back to the myth of Nithyananda ..!

In the Ecuadorian country of Latin America, Nithyananda has bought a snow-covered private island and claiming it is my country.  The country is close to the towns of Trinidad and Tobago.  Nitinanda’s new country is located at the bottom of the US and he named this country as ‘Kailasa’.

He has a separate flag, emblem and passport for this country.  Nityananda described it as a Hindu nation.  Nityananda has said that the citizenship of Kailasa, the great Hindu nation, must be respected.

According to sources, Nithyananda, is known to have described Hindutva as the lord of Kailash and also the dictator there. Even the man whose name starts with ‘Ma’ is the Prime Minister of this nation!  Nityananda President should not say in isolation!  Nithyananda calls a cabinet meeting every day in his country!  Nithyananda created the Prime Minister and Cabinet to hold the meeting!

In Nityananda’s New Country Kailasa, No Politics is mandatory.  In this politically free country, everyone should live to maturity!  Nityananda also issued a public announcement to donate to the country, which is built on the foundation of Hinduism.  Kailash country passport is also ready.  One is gold colour and the other is red.  On top of these are Nityananda and Nandi.

Nityananda claims that Kailash country is threatened by India!  The United Nations has decided to declare its country as a new country.  He has created many departments, including housing, defense, commerce and education for the new country.  Migration to Kailash country from any country, be it India!  He invited all the Hindus from any part of the world to come to his country.

How did Nithyananda fly from Gujarat to Ecuador when he drove from Karnataka to Tamil Nadu?  This is a current question.  According to sources, Nithyananda’s passport expired.  Thus, Nithyananda chose Nepal to leave India.  Nithyananda, who flew to Nepal without any visa, is said to have obtained a fake passport.  It is said that he took Venezuela visa and flew from Nepal.

Nithyananda, who had flew to Gujarat but eclipse did not leave his back.  Nithyananda, who took up space in Ahmedabad to build a school and set up an ashram at the site.  In addition, Janardhana Sharma who is based in Chennai, has lodged a complaint that Nithyananda has kept his children under illegal prisonment .  Janardhan Sharma had lodged a complaint with the Ahmedabad police on the issue of four children.  .

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