Underwater 2020 New Promo, Release Date, Cast, Plot

Underwater is an upcoming American Science fiction thriller film directed by William Eubank and produced by Chernin Entertainment for 20th Century Fox. Recently, the trailer of the movie was also released on YouTube and is attracting more views. It is scheduled for the release this New Year 2020.

As 20th Century Fox shared the official trailer of its most anticipated movie, “Underwater” people are getting excited to watch this sci-fi adventure film. Kristen Stewart is appearing in the lead role in the movie.

If you have seen the trailer then you would know that the story revolves around a crew of underwater researchers who attempt to reach a safe place after an earthquake destroys their subterranean laboratory. The crew would go seven miles deep the ocean after which they would come across a sea monster that feast on human flesh.

At the beginning of the trailer, the crew is sent to the bottom of three Ocean but after which they encounter an earthquake that destroys the subterranean lab that they were staying. As their underwater facility is destroyed then the crew would plan to go to the station where they have the chance of safety.

However, the damaged machinery and the lowering oxygen level aren’t the only things they have to worry about. As the trailer shows that the team was being haunted by a mysterious deep-sea monster that was unleashed by the earthquake.

In the shadowy depths of the ocean, the creators pick off the survivors one by one. However, we will have to wait to watch the complete movie to know whether any survivor would escape from the monster and will be killing it.

But, they will have to walk till the station and between the path they would then find out that there is a monster among them. As the crew strives to live they are attacked by the unknown monster. Stewart is appearing as the jaded member of an underwater research crew.

Underwater Movie release date

The most anticipated sci-fi movie of 2020 is Underwater is scheduled to be released on January 10, 2020. The production team also already released the Trailer and we will have to see what more surprise is waiting in the movie.


  • The main star casts appearing in the movie are:
  • Kristen Stewart appearing in the lead role as Norah Price
  • Jessica Jenwick as Emily
  • Vincent Cassel as Captain
  • Mamoudou Athie
  • John Gallagher Jr.
  • T.J. Miller as Paul

According to the Wikipedia sources, it has been known that the overall budget of this thriller horror movie is around$ 65 million USD. With the trailer, we see that the VFX effects and the Cinematography is amazing and at the same time looks real.

Many predictions are happening related to the box office collection of Underwater 2020, as the movie will be initially released in the United States. To know the total estimated collection of the movie we will have to wait for its release and how the public would respond.

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