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The 21-year-old Matthew Stockfeder was recently arrested by the Police against assault charges for stabbing his roommate. It was on Tuesday that the incident took place inside a home near 172nd St. near 73rd Ave. in Fresh Meadows.

Matthew Stockfeder, an St. John’s University lacrosse team captain has stabbed his roommate and nearly disemboweled him during an argument at an unsanctioned frat house, according to Police sources. The incident took place a few blocks away from the college campus.

The victim is identified as one of St. John’s alum is currently 23-years-old and was living with Stockfeder in an apartment which is a few blocks away from the house. According to sources, On Monday, when the victim came home from work, he started complaining about Stockfeder’s music being too loud.

The two eventually got into an argument that made lacrosse Captain and another roommate angrily leaving to the frat house where several teammates were watching Monday Night Football.

Stockfeder Has Texted Teasing Messages To The Victim

According to online sources, Matthew repeatedly texted the victim, poking fun at him. This led to the victim showing up at the frat house around midnight and he confronted Stockfeder for sending teasing texts. As the argument between the two got worse they started fighting on the ground.

Eventually, the lacrosse Captain grabbed a knife with anger and stabbed into victims’ gut, nearly disemboweling him. According to sources, the victim was holding Stockfeder’s head down, when he realized a sharp pain in his abdomen. He later realized that he has been stabbed and was bleeding profusely.

According to the court documents, the stabbing left a five-inch deep hole in the victim’s stomach and further it damaged his small intestine.

Following the brutal attack, his friends rushed the victim to a nearby hospital where the victim underwent immediate surgery and was expected to survive.

Lacrosse Captain, Stockfeder Surrendered to Police!!

Sources said that that, victim, Corpolongo was unaware that he was stabbed until he realized that his small intestines were coming out. Following the attack, the Police officials have arrested the attacker, Stockfeder

Stockfeder surrendered to police on Wednesday morning and the Queens Criminal Court judge has ordered him held on $5k bail. Moreover, the officials are still investigating the case to get more clarity on the attack.

The St. John’s Spokesman Has Responded To The Incident

Brian Browne, St. John’s University spokesman has recently responded of Lacrosse captain’s attack and said that, “The University is aware of the incident involving a student and an alum which occurred at off-campus location, not owned by University,” further added that he will fully cooperate with the investigation by law enforcement officials.

The Controversial lacrosse Captain, Stockfeder was named to the player by Newsday

According to St. John’s University bio, Matt is said to be an accomplished athlete in high school and in 2016 he was named under Long Island Newsday Top 100 Lacrosse Players. He was also a basketball player for over 4 years and was also played like the 3-year starter and 2 year Captain in midfield.

The St. John’s has now removed the bios of both of its controversial players from its athletic website and is now cooperating with the Police officials with their investigation on the case. It is still a mystery on how this case may take its turn in the coming days and whether Matt Stockfeder would be suspended from the lacrosse team from his midfielder position.

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