Genesis Hansen Black College Student in Oregon was Arrested

Genesis Hansen is a black college student from Oregon who was recently arrested by the Police officers for not providing her Identification and was accused of riding the bicycle on the wrong side is the road.

It was on October 13, 2019, when this unusual incident took place in Oregon wherein the Oregon Police officers arrested Hansen, who was a student at Oregon State University for not providing her Identity information.

Recently, the Police have released the Body Cam video of Genesis Hansen arrest and the video is over 20 minutes long. According to The Gazette-Times, the Officers in the video are identified as Kelly Katsikis, an Oregon Senior Trooper and Donald Sheldon (Corvallis Police Officer), who helped Kelly in arresting the teenager, Hansen.

Conversation Between Genesis Hansen and Oregon Police

Initially the main Police Officer, Kelly Katsikis asked the teenager to provide her Identity and name and also accused her of riding a bicycle on the wrong side of the road. But the accused refused to do so and she asked the officer to provide some more information on the order.

Eventually, the officer switched on his Bodycam video and continued his conversation with Hansen saying, “You are not complying with the lawful order.”

As the conversation between the two got worse, at one point, Kelly read the statutes and then said to Genesis that, “You have an opportunity at this moment to give me your Identification and can have a citation and can leave.” He further added that if she fails to do that then she would be arrested at that point.

But, even after that the accused kept on repeating that she was asking for the information on the order. “You’re going to attest me for not giving information when I was asking why you needed my details.”

According to, “Genesis Hansen was refusing to provide her Identity information or name, which Police said is required under State law.” As Hansen was still asking for more clarification, the officers said that if she failed to give her Identification then she would be put under arrest.

At one point in time, Hansen responded saying that she doesn’t answer any questions. At that point the two officers, Kelly Katsikis & Donald said she was under arrest.

Public opinion of Hansen’s Arrest

Hansen was later put down on the ground and was arrested by the officers and the local neighbors took the video of the arrest. The video has gone viral on social media and is gaining a lot of mixed opinions from the public. Some people are supporting Hansen related to the incident and the rest are with the Oregon Police Officers and are accusing Hansen of not providing her Identification.

The Oregon State University President has responded to Hansen’s arrest

 According to KGW8, Ed Ray (Oregon State University President) has stated that this matter is sufficiently troubling that unless it’s resolution is satisfactory to OSU. He further added that he will reassess the value of continuing a campus law enforcement service agreement with Oregon State Police.

Ray also told the Board of Trustees that it makes no sense to him as a student was riding her bicycle on the wrong side of the Street, and later ends up in handcuffs on the ground, according to KGW8.

NAACP has come to Hansen’s Defense

Following Hansen’s arrest, the NAACP has recently spoken against the arrest of the student saying in a statement that they view this incident as a civil rights violation by state and local law enforcement by excessive use of force imposed on communities of color by law enforcement and racial inequity. The group further demanded Police apologize to her.

Genesis wrote on Twitter about the arrest!!

Recently, on October 13, 2019, Hansen wrote on Twitter that, “I was wrongly arrested today and am going to hold those people accountable. #IDon’tAnswerQuestions #excessiveforce.”

Currently, Hansen is pursuing her studies at Oregon State University wherein she is studying English, Philosophy & Theatre. Moreover, her current controversy with the arrest has been gaining a lot of debate in Social media.

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