Know the Top 5 Most Powerful Villains in MCU Universe

The marvel cinematic universe has been entertaining its fans for more than a decade, and in this article, you would know the most powerful Super-Villains in Marvels Universe.

What are Marvel movies without a powerful Villain?

Most of the people around the globe are very well aware of the MCU – Marvel Cinematic Universe that turns marvel comics into epic movies that have your favorite superheroes and more powerful villains. Each character in the MCU has their unique powers and strengths that make the audience to engage more in the MCU movies. But, the question is, which Villian in the MCU is more powerful? Here’s the answer to that…..


Thanos has remained as one of the most powerful Villains in the MCU and we have seen his power in Avengers: Infinity War & Avengers: The End Game. He just wrecked half the Universe in Infinity war by using the Infinity Stones. He is an awe-inspiring Villian because he used to control all aspects of reality while he had all the infinity stones. In terms of the impact on the MCU characters, Thanos is the worst villain of them all but not as powerful as the other Villians without the infinity stones.


Dormammu is one of the most powerful characters in MCU and the supernatural power it wields is pretty incomparable. We’ve seen that Doctor strange made Dormammu get stuck in an endless time loop, which was the only option left to save the planet. Even though the character had a limited presence in the MCU, it’s powers are so immense that it might be hard to imagine who can complete with it.


Sometimes I get confused about whether Loki is a Villian or a hero?

Being known as the God of Mischief, he always had some differences with his family. Loki was adopted by Odin and was raised alongside Thor. But, he was ungrateful to the family that took him in and caused a lot of hassle. Apart from his family background, Loki was a powerful being with abnormal strength and he knew sorcery.

Hela: The Goddess of death

The Asgardian Goddess of death had been imprisoned in Hel for many years appeared in Thor: Ragnarok after breaking free from the prison after her father’s death. She was pretty determined to take over the Asgard and the throne. She earns her place here by being a formidable foe for younger brothers Thor and Loki.

Although she had only moments of screen time in Thor: Ragnarok, Hela established her strength by easily removing Thor from the equation and also destroyed his beloved hammer without breaking a sweat.


In the Thor: Ragnarok movie, we see Surtur being resurrected by Thor and Loki using the Eternal Flame to help defeat Hela. This is why he makes in the list of most powerful Villains in MCU but has less presence in the movie. Surtur was a part of an old prophecy and not only did he defeat Hela, but he also took the whole of Asgard down with him.

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