Emma Chamberlain Apologized for Her Fans For Insensitive Photo

Emma Chamberlain has apologized to her fans after mocking Asian people, Emma is a Youtuber and Instagram influencer who faced the fury from the fans who called her out for mocking Asian people.

In an Instagram photo, she posted shows that Emma with her hands on the head causing her eyes to slant back, some fans took to Twitter to express their anger and distaste of the photo, on user wrote “Iam a ‘fan’ of Emma Chamberlain and her vlogs but this is unacceptable. As an Asian I am quite uncomfortable with this, our eyes are not a trend. You cant even compare it with the ‘fox eye’ trend because you can see that it is dragging her eyes too much already.”

Later, another user named Rocelle wrote “Personally as an Asian, Emma’s post made me uncomfortable. the whole “fox eye” trend isn’t cute in General. people have been slanting their eyes as a way to mock Asians for years and I’ve literally had people purposely slant their eyes when I tell them I’m Asian.”

The responses from fan trended online and then caught the action of Emma and she issued an apology, she tweeted “its come to my attention that some thought I was posing in an insensitive way in my recent Instagram post. that was NOT my intention at all and im so sorry to those who were hurt by it. I love and appreciate you all so much.”


While fans, particularly from Asian who have been affected by her picture, seems not to accept her apology, another controversy surrounded Emma vlog has caught the attention of the fans and they shared the screenshot of the video, where Emma is wearing much darker shade on makeup the usual and many fans accused of doing blackface for the video.

However, there was a mixed reaction on this and one fan wrote “Y’all really tried to cancel Emma Chamberlain for doing “Blackface”.. I can’t. This pandemic has y’all acting cooked.” Then, another user wrote “See now i get y’all frustrations towards Emma Chamberlain but yall need to genuinely understand the roots of blackface before you say she did blackface by putting on too dark foundation. Like yeah, it wasn’t right but blackface? I dont think so.”

Later, Emma quickly denied this picture and wrote “There is a screenshot circulating from one of my videos a few years ago where I used a foundation shade that wasn’t my proper color. I want to give some context, this was in a video where I was giving myself a makeover using dollar store products. I grabbed the wrong shade by accident & didn’t realize the shade was correct until I was already putting it on.”

Later, she added ” I have learned so much over the past few years and iam so grateful for that. Thank you guys for helping me learn. I Would never ever to something intentionally to disrespect anyone. Iam learning and Growing every day, and I truly apologize.” The above-mentioned video has been deleted by her.

Know More About Emma Chamberlain Wiki, Age, Biography, Net Worth, Family & Facts.

NameEmma Chamberlain
Nick NameEmma
Age19 years old as of 2020
Height5 feet 5 Inh tall
BoyfriendAaron Hull
FamilyFather: Michael Chamberlain
Mother: Sophia Chamberlain
Net Worth$8 Million USD as of 2020
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