Summer Taylor [Dead]: Facts You Need To Know About Seattle BLM

Summer Taylor lost her life on early Saturday after struck by the car at Seattle, then she was taken to the Harborview Medical Center but pronounced dead. Summer was just 24 years old and in that Incident Diaz Love (32) was also Injured.

According to the report, Dawit Kelete drove the car which was responsible for the accident, he was driving in Seattle and slammed his car into the protestor around 1:40 a.m, some even captured this horrific accident and in the video protestor screamed “Car! Car!” before fleeing the roadway. Unfortunately, Summer Taylor lost her life, and another victim Diaz Love is in serious condition and in the intensive care unit.

Just before the accident, Love was seen recording the protest and even live-streamed and captioned “Black Femme March takes I-5” on Facebook, but the video ended about 15 seconds before she was struck by the car. In the Hour-long Facebook video, the last few second was captured and you can hear the protestor shouting “Car!” and the camera starts to shake and finally the screeching tires can be heard.

Dawit Kelete was driving white Jaguar and he fled the scene after hitting the protesters. However, he was arrested by the Trooper and taken into custody by the Washington State Patrol. Curently, he is booked into the King County Correctional Facility on Saturday morning on two counts of vehicular assault, and bail was denied.

Diaz Love
Diaz Love

Ethan Brown who is an Enterprise Editor at TheAppeal wrote a Tweet “Summer Taylor, a 24-year-old worker at vet clinics, killed at Seattle protest when a man driving the wrong way down a closed stretch of interstate struck Taylor+another person, who is in ICU. “Summer has been there since Day One standing up for Black lives.”

Dawit Kelete Studied At Washington State University.

Who is Dawit Kelete? He is 27 years old studied business and commerce at Washington State University between 2011 and 2017. He is identified as Black and police reported that he drove the wrong way to enter the freeway and in the video, it shows that he struck the two women and launching them into the air.

Who was Summer Taylor?

Summer Taylor was 24 years during her time of death, she was working at a Seattle veterinary clinic. On July 4th, Summer participated in Black lives Matter rally in Seattle, and the Gofundme page has been set up by Becky Gilliam.

Till now $45,622 raised of $20,000 goal, the page says Summer was “incredibly strong and independent spirit, caring person who’s presence elicits joy and laughter in others.”

Summer Taylor

Regarding this incident, Washington State Patrol tweeted “The @wastatepatrol will not be allowing protesters to enter I-5. For the safety of all citizens including protesters and motorists, pedestrians walking on the freeway will be arrested. @wspd2pio.”

Diaz Love is From Boise, Idaho.

Diaz Love

she was an active supporter of BLM, on her Facebook she has posted several images and showing her support to the movement.

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