Tana Mongeau and Erika Costell apologized after them Partying

Tana Mongeau and Erika Costell have apologized after a video of them at a party saying they “don’t care” was heavily criticized by fans given the current global crisis.

Over the past couple of weeks, quite a few social media stars have been called out for ignoring social distancing and mask-wearing guidelines.

In Los Angeles, where many of these influencers have been attending parties, COVID cases are skyrocketing and California currently has the most cases in the entire country. People have been asked to continue social distancing, wear a mask, and not attend large group gatherings during this time to help slow the spread.

The latest influencers to come under fire for partying are Tana Mongeau and Erika Costell. Tana has already been called out for attending the Hype House party last week that caught negative attention from fans.

Social media star, Tyler Oakley, actually called out Tana, along with many others in a Tweet. He wrote, “hi @jamescharles @NikitaDragun @tanamongeau @larrayx @charlidamelio @dixiedamelio & any others who have been partying in large groups – please consider social distancing, mask-wearing, & using your huge platforms to encourage responsibility during a worldwide pandemic.”

And now Tana and Erika are facing criticism after Tana posted this video of them on her IG story.“Listen. We don’t f*cking care. Sorry.”

Fans took to Twitter to share their outrage about this entire situation. However, both Tana and Erika issued apologies for this video but they have both denied that saying “we don’t care” was about the health crisis.

They are claiming that they were referring to the drama that occurred between the two of them in the past. Earlier, both Tana and Erika have dated Jake Paul and there has been a lot of drama surrounding that whole love triangle in the past.

Erika was the first to apologize, with a tweet posted late last night. She wrote, “I just want to apologize for the video that was posted last night on Tana’s Instagram Story. The comment we made was NOT intended as it was perceived. Saying “we don’t care” was about our previous “beef.”

Later, she added “It was in no way related to the COVID-19 pandemic we are in. However, I understand that this came off offensive during this time. It was insensitive, careless, and stupid for me to even be at a party during this pandemic. I am truly sorry to anyone I let down or upset in any way and I fully take accountability for my actions.”

Then, a couple of hours later, Tana posted an apology to her Instagram story, saying that attending a party during this time was “careless and irresponsible.” She wrote, “Partying/going to any social gatherings during a global pandemic was such a careless and irresponsible action on my behalf. I fully hold myself accountable for this and will be staying inside. Actions like that don’t deserve a platform and I want to fully apologize and be better than this. I’m sorry. While Erika and I were referring to past drama in our video the topic no longer matters. I need to be a better example and person.”

However, even after their apologies, many people were still upset with Tana and Erika including fellow YouTuber MacDoesIt. He tweeted saying, “We’ve been in this for 4 months. We’ve all been in this. We’re all in this together. Your actions through this reflect on us all. If you do something bad, we all look bad. So excuse me when I say a simple note app apology doesn’ erase the damage. Do better or say nothing at all.”

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