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Claudia Conway was born on October 17, 2004, and from the USA, the 16 years old Conway is on the media headlines for several reasons. Previously, she created noise after supporting Joe Biden. Now, Claudia once again in the media limelight after she claimed to sell her father’s belongings on eBay, yes you heard it right. Claudia in the recent TikTok video revealed that her father, George Conway has walked out on the family, then she claimed that she would be selling his belongings on eBay.

Who is Claudia Conway?

Claudia Conway
October 17, 2004
16 years old
Net Worth
$300K to $500K USD
5 feet 6 inches tall

Claudia Conway

On the TikTok account, Claudia Conway boasts 1.5 Million followers, on her handle she quite often uploads videos related to political, and even posts funny videos. In the recent TikTok video, which was uploaded on January 9, 2020, Conway captioned “My Dad dipping this morning saying he wants nothing to do without family and leaving for good.” In the comment section, one user wrote “Haven’t seen George in a while,” to which Claudia replied: “Yeah me neither lol.” However, this conversation didn’t stop here, on the next day Claudia shared the screenshot of an alleged text conversation with her father, one message read “You’ve been tweeting but you can’t respond to your daughter?”

On January 12, 2020, she uploaded a video and captioned “Selling all my Dad’s s**t on eBay, hurry up everything’s going fast.” In the series of videos uploaded on TikTok, she showed certain items in her father’s room, she said “We got mint, menthol, and tobacco, take your pick.”

Claudia Conway

She is the daughter of Kellyanne Conway (Mother), George Conway (Father), Claudia also has a sister named Vanessa Conway. Claudia who is 16 years old using her social media platform to share her political views, she gained fame during the 2020 election in which she speaks out against President Trump and has also gone very viral for spreading awareness about important problems in the world. Her mother Kellyanne Conway is an American pollster, political consultant, and pundit who served as Senior Counselor to the President in the administration of Donald Trump from 2017 to 2020. On other hand, her father George Conway is an American attorney and was on the shortlist of candidates considered by President Donald Trump for Solicitor General of the United States before the nomination in March 2017 of Noel Francisco.

In 2020, Claudia gained fame for her anti-Trump comments on TikTok, her hate towards Trump gained momentum on Social media platforms. Besides her social media platform, Claudia wrote a piece for The Atlantic, called Unfit for Office, in that article she takes a dig at Trump’s personality and called it has a disorder.

On TikTok, Claudia Conway Announced Her Mother’s Covid-19 Diagnosis

Claudia Conway

In September 2020, Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway tweeted “Tonight I tested positive for Covid-19.” But on the same evening, her daughter Claudia had announced her mother’s diagnosis in a TikTok and claimed that Kellyanne had lied to her about the test results. After few days the 16 years old commented about Trump’s health was faltering in TikTok, said “Apparently he is doing badly lol and they are doing what they can to stabilize him,” and in another video which is now deleted which her mother Kellyanne chastising her “You lied about fucking Covid!.”

On August 6, 2020, Claudia alleged that her mother had her arrested and even posted a series of TikTok videos suggesting that Kellyanne had Claudia arrested on “fake assault charges.” In the video, she wrote, “Kellyanne just called me and said I’m putting her life in danger by speaking out and how I’m gonna get arrested again for making ‘false allegations.”


Claudia Conway

She was born to Kellyanne Conway (Mother), George Conway (Father), and also has a sister named Vanessa Conway. Her father George once dated conservative pundit Laura Ingraham, in 2007 George and Kellyanne tied the knot together and they share 4 kids Claudia Conway, Vanessa Conway, Charlotte Conway, George Conway. On other hand, Kellyanne Conway dated 2008 presidential candidate Fred Thompson. On August 23, 2020, Kellyanne announced her resignation to “spend more time with her family,” she said.

Net Worth

The estimated Net Worth of Claudia Conway is between $300K to $500K USD.

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