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Tessica Brown is an upcoming TikToker, where she holds 69.3k followers with 1.3 million likes during the time of writing. Her recent video went viral on February 4th, 2021 through social media, explaining how she accidentally used Gorilla Glue hairstyle spray. On Feb 4th, 2021, she uploaded a video on TikTok and captioned it “It Don’t Move I hate It Here”. During the time of writing her video has been watched 730k times.

Tessica Brown TikTok ID is im_d_ollady, where the original video was posted on February 3rd, 2021 on the TikTok platform. In the video, she warned her followers not to use Gorilla Glue’s extreme adhesive spray-on hair. She told “Bad, bad, bad idea,”. Since after she sprayed the Gorilla Glue her hair appeared to be very tight on the side part and stiff long braid on the other side, she also told that she shampooed her hair at at-list 15 times but nothing seems to be worked out by holding back her tears.

She says “My hair doesn’t move. It doesn’t move. I’ve washed my hair 15 times and it don’t move! My hair has been like this for about a month now.” Brown explains to her followers, why did she use the Gorilla Glue’s? she usually uses “göt2b” hair spray which is used to Shine and Volume the hair and to hold and Spikes the hair accordingly. Brown says “just to keep it in place… Well, I didn’t have any göt2b glue spray, so I used this,” she says, revealing a can of spray Gorilla Glue to the viewers. “So if you ever run out of göt2b glue spray, don’t ever, ever use this, unless you want your hair to be like that.”

The viewers on social media were shocked by the brown mistake, the product Gorilla Glue is not a hair spray instead it’s 100% waterproof which provides a heavy-duty bond that lasts for a longer time. Brown seems to be mistaken between the product named “Gorilla Snot hair” and brought: Gorilla Glue” instead. However, under the Gorilla Glue FAQ section, they have mentioned if the glue sticks on to skin accidentally then “wipe off as much adhesive as possible with a dry cloth. When the majority of the adhesive has been removed, wash skin with soap and warm water.”

The Gorilla Glue spokesperson told, “We saw the video as well, and we do not recommend using our products in hair, as they are considered permanent.” However, if someone makes a mistake like Brown, “try soaking the affected area in warm, soapy water or applying rubbing alcohol to the area.” Also, on Thursday official Gorilla Glue company commented on the viral video of Brown’s on Tik Tok account and wrote “Use some rubbing alcohol, water in a spray bottle, a hairdryer and a comb. But since you’ve had it like that for a month, your hair could be damaged.”. Added, “It’s going to take some time to come off since it’s been there for a month,”.

Who is Tessica Brown?

Tessica Brown

Tessica Brown is an upcoming TikToker, she rose to fame after she used Gorilla Glue instead of Gorilla Snot hair spray, which caused her hair to appear to be very tight on the side part and stiff long braid on another side. On TikTok, she boasts 69.3 k followers and on Instagram, she has 12.5k followers. On Feb 4th, 2021, she shared a post on Instagram which reads “Thanks for you guys encouraging words and ideas to get rid of this forever ponytail, I will try some today when I get off from work and I will keep you guys posted, by the way, if you see me walking around with A headscarf or head just mind your Business LOL.” Talking about her education, there is no much information being provided, we will keep you updated soon

How old is Tessica Brown?

Tessica Brown

Tessica Brown was born on Oct 21, 1981, in the USA and she is 40-year-old.

Who is Tessica Brown Husband?

Talking about her relationship, she shares six kids from her previous relationship, her two son’s names are Quis and Big Blitz.

Tessica Brown

(Image Source: Tessica Brown Instagram)

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