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Jasmine Vo was sexually harassed during a live stream in Japan. Jasmine Vo is a Twitch streamer. To know more read further. Twitch is a live-streaming platform where gamers and other streamers broadcast their play or activity with fans and subscribers that helps in building communities around a shared and streamable interest. The fans and subscribers can hear and watch their favorite person/heroes live. Twitch, the Amazon-owned platform designed to live-broadcasts gamers playing video games. It hosts 91% of all video game streaming, dwarfing competitors from YouTube and Facebook. Jasmine Vo, With over 190,000 followers on Twitch, where she streams her life events, who has the Twitch username IMJASMINE.  Jasmine Vo was speaking with 5,000 viewers during a trip to Osaka, Japan in September when a stranger approached her and groped her. Jasmine Vo has to use a username on Twitch is IMJASMINE. Jasmin uploaded her videos on YouTube in December 2020 on a channel called ‘Screw The Fracking Rules’.

Jasmine Vo Trip To JAPAN Which Went Viral?

Tired of her routine work, Jasmine Vo planned a vacation to get a break from her office job in Toronto. During a stream in January, 2020 Jasmine Vo spun a wheel to decide on her trip. The wheel spin indicated Japan. That’s how she landed in Tokyo and began traveling all over the country. During one such trip on live streaming when she was doing the usual shopping and eating, the incident took place where she was attacked live on camera. This same stream that left Vo shaken in Osaka witnessed a painful encounter showing how unsafe it is for a woman to travel no matter wherever in the universe, that too on her own even in this century. Let us know to get to the details of how and what happened during the horrific incident. As explained by Jasmine Vo, it’s a bright sunny morning where she was casually shooting her day-to-day activities in Osaka, Japan like shopping, eating, etc.

In the video, Jasmine Vo is seen eating icecream at around 6 am on a sidewalk. She is live-streaming the video and replying to the comments by her fans and followers when suddenly a man from nowhere comes into the picture. He says “Hello” and sits down behind Jasmine Vo and he is seen patting her back. Jasmine Vo is heard saying “No, stop. I’m sorry. No” trying to avoid him and remain calm and not showing that she is feeling uncomfortable. She is also seen telling him that the video is live streaming, to which the guy responds something in Japanese which she doesn’t understand. Eventually, she tries to avoid him but he is trying to advance towards her and also tapping on her thighs. At this moment her viewers started commenting asking her to leave from there and even slap him. She then gets up and makes a move to get out of the place. She is seen trying to pack up and getting her belongings and wearing a mask while the guy speaking to her in Japanese. When she tries to move he is seen touching her and finally groping her breasts.

Later on, the guy is seen following her until the end of the street till the Main road and saying something in Japanese. She is later seen entering a store on Main Street. She did not report to the police. Post the attack, Jasmine Vo said she worried that her Twitch account would be banned or she would have to face other consequences if she did report it to the police. Jasmine Vo also said post the attack she received comments from viewers blaming her for the attack and also criticized her for what she was wearing, or telling her that she “brought this upon herself”. She also said “I would get so many comments like that,” she continued, adding that she has changed her own behavior since the attack. “There are times where I decide ‘I’m not going to wear this because I’m afraid something might happen.’ I’m a lot more wary about precautions.”

According to the reports, in the gaming world, the culture of sexism and gender-based discrimination has been evident and this is not the first time that female streamers or gamers and, other women in gaming shared allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination. In a statement, Twitch responded that it is implementing several changes to make the platform safer and to “address the harassment that streamers face”. “We have several projects underway to address the harassment that streamers face, which we know disproportionately affects women and other underrepresented groups. Sexual harassment is never acceptable on Twitch, and we have adopted a far lower tolerance for objectifying or harassing behavior,” Twitch said.

How old is Jasmine Vo?

Jasmine Vo is a 25-year-old TWITCH STREAMER from Canada. It is only known that she is from Toronto, Canada. No whereabouts about her family are certain.

What is Jasmine Vo Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Jasmine Vo is around $450k USD.

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