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According to the Tik Toker called Public Villain, the worldwide famous American Singer Taylor Swift is very particular about people’s appearance and always wanted certain modifications to maintain standards. 31 year old Narrative Singer and Songwriter Taylor Swift are criticized for expecting her employees to have certain fulfillments for physical appearance. The staff members are required to be decent without braids and beards and also should not have any headwear. The person who gave out such a piece of news is a Tik Toker with the name Public Villain. He says he worked as a contract employee for being personal security personnel for one of her events. Public Villain said ‘All of her employees are required to have no dreads; no headwear, even for religious purposes; no braids; no beards, even if they’re lined up and everything,’ stating about Taylor Swift.

The American Singer Taylor Swift, the singer has been accused of being discriminatory and racial about her employees and how do they look. Public Villain also said, “So fun fact: I actually did security for Taylor Swift. She hates Black people, like, without a doubt. All of her employees are required to have no dreads; no headwear, even for religious purposes; no braids; no beards, even if they’re lined up and everything.” when it comes to how Taylor Swift employees have to present themselves. He even said, “So, yeah, that’s my two cents about Tay Tay—complete racist. But she does make good music. There’s no doubting that. She’s just as**tty person.”

Who is TikToker Public Villain?

The Tik Toker Public Villain worked for Global Security Group. The company provided security for the event at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. The event at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California which took place was for the famous American Pop Singer Taylor Swift. The employees who were working for the event including the Tik Toker Public Villain had to do the paperwork before the event. The paperwork mentioned certain dress codes and requirements – it read, “no beards, no religious headwear.” for those who were working for the event. The Tik Toker Public Villain, even said that the company didn’t subject the employees to any such rules but as a result, the American Singer did not hire the company again for any upcoming events. When the fans and followers of the famous Singer Taylor swift protested for such a statement, the TikToker Public Villian posted a screenshot of a text message from the Global Security Group representative asking him if he could work the event which was from May 18 to May 19, 2018. He captioned the screenshot saying “Here’s your proof. I found my text messages from my employer. You are welcome.”

TikToker had uploaded a video that had 1.7 million views and 150,000 likes since it was posted on Sunday. The TikToker Public Villian has replied asking if he had to completely shave his beard or is it okay if he had to just get it trimmed neatly which shows he was not happy shaving his beard for the event alone. Even after giving proof for his allegations, the fans of the American Singer continued to blast him saying he had no proof of working as a security person. The TikToker also posted a video that showed his security guard license, to prove his job line; it was issued by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. Even then, Taylor Swift’s fans insisted on seeing his contract with the company, the TikToker said, “I didn’t think twice of saving that contract, but I guess I should have.” He also said, “Simply apply for any position with Taylor Swift. You’re gonna find out right away… because it’s on the application process, and whatever contracts you sign, she’ll say, like, ‘no religious headwear, no braids, no beards,’ none of that stuff — typically attributes that are found within Black folks and people of color.” But the AMERICAN Singer team members officially denied that such an incident took saying that the TikToker Public Villain was never hired as one of Taylor Swift’s personal security personnel.

How old is TikToker Public Villain?

The Tik Toker Public Villain is around 26-year old, and his profile on social media says he is a “Weeb, Liberal and Tattooed”. The Tik Toker Public Villain is approximately 6’2” tall. The Tik Toker Public Villain has a TikTock ID @public_villain where he posted all this trending news and he has around 4,600 followers.

(Image Source: TikToker Public Villain Instagram)

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