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Kerrion Franklin is the eldest son of an American Choir Director, Gospel Musician, Singer, Songwriter, and Author Kerrion Franklin. The most frequently asked question about Kerrion Franklin is “Is Kerrion Franklin a Gay?” Kerrion is not gay himself but has a deep respect for LGBTQ and advocates on its behalf.

Who is Kerrion Franklin?

Kerrion Franklin

Kerrion Franklin
33 years old
Net Worth
$300K USD
5 feet 5 inches tall

Kerrion Franklin is famous for leading urban contemporary gospel choirs such as The Family, God’s Property, and One Nation Crew (1NC). Recently, Kirk Franklin was in the news after his son Kerrion Franklin released audio of his father yelling and threatening him over the call. Kerrion Franklin had recorded a heated argument with his father Kirk Franklin. On Saturday, Kerrion Franklin had posted on Instagram the 45-second clip showing how he was abused and treated lowly by his father Kirk Franklin. Kerrion Franklin also describes himself as an “author, producer, and cinematographer” on his Instagram profile. Kerrion Franklin has also a passion for music and often shares his pictures on Instagram of performing in a studio. Kirk Franklin, the famous musician and also the father of Kerrion Franklin was heard using the harsh word on him while speaking which goes on like “I will break yo neck n****.” ‘I’ll put my foot in your a**,’ a voice identified as Kirk’s is heard saying. ‘don’t you ever disrespect me.’ For which Kerrion Franklin says “I didn’t,” Kerrion and the call ends.

Kerrion Franklin also informed me that the recording was a recent one. Kerrin Franklin shared the audio on his Instagram and shared few words about how bad he feels: “This is why I’m done. No father should speak to their children like this. If I have any issues it’s because of this type of treatment that I deal with behind closed doors.” Kerrin Franklin also said: “Hanging up in my face, No apology, no compassion, no effort. Stop telling me to go home to my family I don’t even know where they live. “I don’t think I’ll ever trust my father to be alone around him ever again. I didn’t want to do this. I probably won’t release the entire recording because it’s too embarrassing that I’m even dealing with this. “No matter what ppl think I pray my dad deals with his deep hatred toward me. I don’t feel safe around him at all. Adding: “This recording is recent it is not from 2018 just to clarify. I’m going to learn from these experiences, live my life in peace and make beautiful art.” Listeners of the audio said that they could hear a female laughing in the background during the whole conversation which is regarded as the voice of Kerroin Franklin’s step-mother Collins. Following such an incident, even though Kirk Franklin apologized, a lot of supports came forward to speak for Kerrion Franklin and showed hatred towards his father Kirk Franklin and step-mother Collins.

On Instagram, The famous Kirk Franklin apologized for ‘losing his temper and also explained that he’s been having issues with his eldest son ‘for many years. On Sunday night, Kerrion Franklin posted a video on Instagram in which he said that he’s tried to work through their issues with counseling and therapy. “Many of you know I have an older son named Kerrion Franklin. In May, he’ll be 33. For many years, we’ve had a toxic relationship with him as a family,” he said. “We tried for many years through counseling, through therapy, to try and rectify this private family matter.” ‘Recently, my son and I argued that he chose to record. I felt extremely disrespected in that conversation and I lost my temper. I said words that are not appropriate. And I am sincerely sorry to all of you. I sincerely apologize.’ Kirk said that he had called a family therapist during the conversation, but that Kerrion Franklin didn’t include that bit in his video. Kirk Franklin has apologized after his son posted a recording of a heated exchange between the pair to Instagram in which the Grammy Award-winning gospel artist cursed at the younger Kerrion Franklin. In the video, Franklin can be heard telling his son that he would “put my foot in your a**,” and that he would “break his neck” if he ever disrespected him. When Kerrion responded that he didn’t disrespect him, the call ended.

How old is Kerrion Franklin?

Kerrion Franklin

Kerrion Franklin is 32 years old and was born in the year 1988. Kerrion Franklin was born to Kirk Franklin (Father) and Tammy Collins (Step-Mother). However, Kerrion Franklin’s biological mother is not known. Also, Kerrion has a half – younger sister. His parents Kirk Franklin and step-mother Tammy Collins, have two children together, a daughter named Kennedy and a son named Isaiah. We do not have any information regarding Kerrion Franklin’s Schooling and college.

What is Kerrion Franklin Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Kerrion Franklin is around $300K USD.

(Image Source: Kerrion Franklin Instagram)

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