Who is Mike Winkelmann aka Beeple? Wiki, Net Worth, Biography, Age, Wife

Mike Winkelmann an American digital artist, graphic designer, and animator, Mike is famous Worldwide for creating comical, phantasmagoric works that make political, social commentary while using pop culture figures as references.  Mike Winkelmann is known as Beeple or Beeple Crap professionally.

Who is Mike Winkelmann?

Mike Winkelmann
40 years old
Net Worth
$70 Million to $90 Million USD

In the early days, Mike Winklemann had very little art training. He had only taken two art classes in high school and one video class in college while studying computer science. Mike Winklemann currently works as a freelance artist creating motion graphics and concert visuals. For the past 15 years, Mike Winklemann has been working on video loops and films. For the past 11 years, Mike Winklemann also worked on his “Every day”. Mike Winklemann created free video loops that could be used by anyone which helps others expand their creative knowledge and grow as artists. Mike Winklemann’s films have been played at Onedotzero, Prix Ars Electronica, the Sydney Biennale, Ann Arbor Film Festival. Mike Winklemann created visuals used by Deadmau5, Skrillex, Zed, Taio Cruz, Amon Tobin, and Wolfgang Gartner. Mike makes his music for his videos by creating sounds and then animating the instruments. The work of Mike Winkleman is entirely digital drawings and videos which is a mixture of science fiction. Mike Winklemann is known to create an environment that looks enormous in his images, utilizing the illusion of space in a digital world. Winklemann ‘s art has images of giant machines next to very small-looking people, which creates themes of a technology-dominated future.

Few images contain robots and an obvious power hierarchy of police or a controlling force combined with technology that dominates the masses. Mike Winklemann’s artwork has Themes of privacy, technology, and surveillance prominently. Mike Winkelmann has a Twitter account with around 118,400 followers. He shares his animations and Everydays on Twitter. On Instagram Beeple or Mike Winkelmann Id @beeple_crap has over 1.1 million followers. He shares his animations and Everydays on Instagram also. Mike Winkelmann has a Youtube channel where Beeple uploads short films, VJ loops, and recordings of his process on Cinema 4D and has over 21,000 subscribers. Beeple’s art is found ArtStation, Beeple’s Official Website, Tumblr, Behance.

Mike Winklemann’s Famous Works

In 2015, a short film about a cyber virus created by the United States to destroy other countries’ resources called Zero-Day. The film comments on the ability of all of our possessions to be lost to cyber warfare. In 2013, a film about the transparency of technology and how information can be easily accessed by others Transparent called Machines. In 2012, a film about combining his original beats with his hurts of animation and color in an imagined cartoon world called Instrumental Video.10.

What is Everydays?

Mike Winkelmann is famous for his “Everydays” project, in which he creates a new piece of art every single day. From 2007, for over 13 years, Beeple has been making and posting one piece of art a day, which means his body of work contains more than 5000 images. Mike Winkelmann started selling on Nifty Gateway in October 2020, NFT non-fungible tokens which are digital representations of art whose ownership is verified by a blockchain. One of Mike Winkelmann’s works, Crossroads, would change into one of two animations depending on the victor of the 2020 United States presidential election. Crossroads was sold for $66,666.66 and resold for $6.6 million in February 2021. In an auction house, Mike Winkelmann’s Everyday was named as “a unique work in the history of digital art.” The official title of the artwork is: “Every day’s — The First 5000 Days.” Everydays became the third most expensive artwork by a living artist by getting sold for $69,346,250 on March 11, 2021. As Mike Winkelmann’s fame grew online, Beeple has collaborated with Louis Vuitton and pop stars like Justin Bieber and Katy Perry.

How old is Mike Winkelmann?

Mike Winkelmann is 40 years old who was born in 1981. Mike Winkelmann was born in North Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Mike Winkelmann graduated from Purdue University with a Computer Science degree in 2003, Mike spent most of his time working creatively with side projects such as digital shorts and as he described it, “little weird abstract digital art” during college. Mike Winkelmann worked as a web designer after graduation also in his free time kept working on his creative projects, or in Winkelmann’s words, “Beeple stuff”.

Who is Mike Winkelmann Wife?

Mike Winkelmann is married to Jen, who is a school teacher and has two children.

What is Mike Winkelmann Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Mike Winkelmann is between $70 Million to $90 Million USD.

(Image Source: Mike Winkelmann Instagram)

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