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Kaceytron who is a popular Twitch streamer and Instagram personality, now she’s making headlines for the wrong reasons, in past few days her name was trending on Twitter and it turns out in her old video she used racial slurs and her fans are demanding to apologize for her insensitive behavior. Later, Kacey came live and explained to her followers about this drama and clarified that she never used any kind of racial slur, but the comment section was active and in one such incident one of her followers began commenting that the caller was sounded like a YouTuber Tyler Oakley and Joey Graceffa.

However, the caller was taken back and Kacey said that comparing to Tyler Oakley and Joey Graceffa was similar to being called a cuss word or slur, she said. This triggered Twitter and Tyler’s name was trending and many wondered why his name was trending on the internet, one user wrote “Did they just say Tyler Oakley is a slur? Kacey a visionary- never knew you could be this stupid..” Later, another one wrote, “Like seriously acting like Tyler Oakley is an insult is shameful Idk much about this situation but like be honored to be compared to Tyler Oakley.” On March 20th, Kacey took to Twitter and wrote “There’s a clip of my surfacing where it SOUNDS like I am saying the N-Word. I FULLY understand that it SOUNDS like I am saying it. However, I am not. This isn’t the first time in twitch history someone has said something that started with an “N” and is misheard as the N-word..”

Then, she wrote “I was singing along to “Hood Go Crazy” by Tech9… the lyric is actually “Kansas City natives and we’re all a little kookoo”… why would I say it when it’s not even the word? I’m also wearing a mask, making it more unclear of what I said… not to mention it’s 2020.” Later, she shared the link of the actual video and wrote “it happened around the 4hr mark, legit for probably the next 3 hours of my stream I am re-iterating that I didn’t say it RIGHT AFTER IT HAPPENED… I ended up having to take a break from my stream I was so upset.” Even though with so much drama, Tyler Oakley fans were amused that he didn’t react to any of this, one user wrote “I SAW TYLER OAKLEY TRENDING AND GOT SO UPSET LIKE NO KING YOU CANT DISAPPOINT US LIKE THIS but it’s fine we all good he’s still a blessing we get to keep him.” Then, another wrote, “love it or hate it you have to admit Tyler Oakley has never been problematic.”

How old is Kaceytron?

December 19, 1990
30 years old
5 feet 5 inches tall
Net Worth
$1.5 Million USD

Kaceytron was born on December 19, 1990, and from the USA, she is 30 years old. She grew up in a rough environment along with her siblings, Kacey revealed that how her stepdad stabbed her mother several times, in a Tweet, she posted on Jan 5, 2019, she wrote “my stepdad stabbed my mother several times, made my younger brother get in the of a trunk and told him he was going to kill him, he was pulled over by several sheriffs arrested and a month later had all charges dropped, you act like men don’t get away with shit too, srsly STFU.” Later, she added, “I never said that the violence was okay, I never even defended the woman… all I’m saying is that there are a LOT better examples of reverse sexism out there and for whatever reason people rallying behind this POS to try to prove some sort of ‘gender inequality point is dumb.” Kacey’s mother was a drug addict and her young brother suffered from Autism, her siblings stayed with their grandmother.

Who is Kaceytron?


Kaceytron is popularly known as a streamer on YouTube and Twitch. Her Twitch account has around 562K followers and has above 800 videos uploaded on it and her YouTube channel started on June 12, 2013, she holds around 82.3K subscribers. She is a female gamer, she is known for playing World of Warcraft at insanely high levels and playing League of Legends. Her Instagram account holds 14.9k followers on it. Kaceytron is one of the 25th wealthiest streamers in the gaming world.

Kaceytron worked in many other fields, she served at US Bank as a teller. Later, at Claire’s, she worked as a store manager and at Red Lobster she worked as a server and as a bagger at a grocery store. Apart from all these jobs, she was also partnered in sell gaming chairs with EdwinRacing and started branding and advertising gaming chairs using her fame on social media and Twitter, she posted content stating that she would give 15% discount on the gaming chairs and people interested in buying the product can use to her code “KACEY”. 

Recently on March 18, 2020, her Twitch account was suspended due to “insensitive comments” she made, a celebrity named “Rajj Patel” is a British journalist who made comment stating whether would she kiss someone with COVID-19, she responded, “we would leave quarantine, and we would try to spread it as much as possible because the world would be a better place without old and poor people.”. However, after this comment, she made had a lot of haters and the Community Guidelines strike her account against “engaging in hateful conduct and threats of violence against a person or group of people,”. The period of suspension is between one to thirty days.

Who is Kaceytron’s Boyfriend?

Kaceytron Boyfriend

Kaceytron is in the relationship. However, there are no many details about her boyfriend. On Dec 12th, 2020, she tweeted stating “hi guys, I have a boyfriend and am so happy! he is 6’5″ and very muscular, he goes to a different streaming website though so I can’t show him on stream bc it would violate our contracts”. Earlier, she dated her boyfriend name Frankie and in Jan 2010, she shares her boyfriend’s picture on Facebook which was later deleted from her profile.

What is Kaceytron’s Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Kaceytron is around $1.5 Million USD.

(Image Source: Kaceytron Facebook & Instagram)

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