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Erika Perry rose to fame after appearing in the ‘American Idol’ and she is also known as “ET”, Erika didn’t go through the next round but certainly gained fame for her past sex life. Erika served as a Stripper and Sex Worker and earned a handful of money by doing so. In the AMERICAN Idol, the 27 years old Erika meltdown after being eliminated by judges, but the show fans labeled her as “Karen” after Erika demanded to speak to a manager. In the show, Erika began screaming after being cut by judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan. Erika once came outside the Theater, she began yelling and said “I’m trying to not have an actual b***h fit because I can get angry and sassy real quick.” She added, “Who’s in charge of this? I’d like to speak to the manager. I’ve been nice for years but I’m tired of being this nice college girl. No! I am done being nice!” Then, Erika added “I’m a lunatic! Why do you think my ex dumped me? I’m a lunatic I will go f**king psycho!.”

Previously, Erika and her two friends appeared on the “No Jumper podcast” in 2019 and revealed how they made a handful of money as Stripper, in the podcast she said, “We would be making money at the strip club and she wouldn’t, so we would pimp her out and she would make $1,000 every time she f**ked someone.” Later, Erika said “I f**ked this guy in Laguna Beach. It was like $1,000 and afterward, I was like ‘yo I can’t believe how much money I made from f**king someone’.” Also, in the podcast, she said “I found all of these rich a** guys on Seeking Arrangements. Like directors and [record label owners]…. And they would pay me thousands of dollars. He would get us like hotel rooms at the Roosevelt and we would just like have a party afterward like after we would do the deed.” Currently, Erika is not working as a sex worker. In April 2017, her sugar daddy was shot dead and this made her quit the sex life. Now, she is pursuing her career in the Entertainment industry and also has an Onlyfans account.

Who is Erika Perry?

Erika Perry
26 years old
5 feet 9 inches tall
Net Worth
$100K USD

Erika Perry

Erika Perry is a Student, Passionate Singer, and also appeared as a contestant at “American Idol”. On her Instagram account, she holds around 8,038 followers. She loves to spend time on the beach with her friends. She also started posting videos on TikTok and has more than 2,300 followers.

 Perry’s audition at American Idol was one of the most interesting of this season, the song she chose was Katy Perry’s “E.T.”. After the audition, she was given the chance to move to Hollywood and earned a golden ticket. However, she got eliminated in the second round but Perry could not take that elimination, when the “American Idol” judges asked her to come on the stage and announce that she was eliminated, she asked the judges “Are you sure? Like I’m not even acting right now, seriously but are you sure?”. On March 1st she uploaded a picture of herself with the golden ticket and captioned “thank u all for the love & support. I appreciate the lovas and I appreciate da haters. imma keep doing me and y’all will see me next in Hollywood on @americanidol baby#americanidol #erikaonidol #etonidol” On March 22nd she shared her picture on Instagram and captioned “thank u @americanidol for fulfilling my dream of being a reality tv star. At the end of the day, I am not a singer. I am an entertainer and y’all can guarantee you’ll see me on yo tv screen again one-day #erikaonidol #etonidol #americanidol”.

Who is Erika Perry Boyfriend?

Erika Perry

Eika had a breakup the previous day of her American Idol audition, with her boyfriend. Currently, her relationship status is single.

How old is Erika Perry?

Erika Perry

Erika Perry was born in 1995 and she is 26 years old.

What is Erika Perry Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Erika Perry is around $100K USD.

(Image Source: Erika Perry Instagram)

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