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Latrice Rogers is a Successful Entrepreneur and a cast member of OWN’s new reality show “Belle Collective”. The show is featured the professional and personal lives of five successful Black businesswomen among all these five glamourous boss women, Rogers is the self-made millionaire. She is known for her Goddess Lengths Virgin Hair Bar which is a beauty product store located in Jackson, Mississippi, and at North Park Mall.

Latrice Rogers also received the SBA Young Entrepreneur awards in 2017. To open this store Goddess Lengths Virgin Hair Bar in 2014, she first secured a business license and set up a business in Target parking using the trunk of her car. Initially, she has only a few hundred dollars which she saved from her previous job at Office Depot to set up the business. Later, when her business got recognized she opens a store in Jackson, Mississippi, from the day the store is launch it has made over $1 million in profit. Later, after a lot of research and communication with manufacturers, she launched a hair vending machine in Northpark Mall to meet the demands of customers. The establishment of the store that provides hair extensions, hair-care products, Wigs, apparel, Closures, Mink Lashes, and some beauty products.

Roger told how she set up her business initially “I would set up in the parking lot at places like Target, and pretty soon, I started getting long lines of people at my car waiting for services. My husband, Clifton Rogers, recommended opening up a storefront, and I initially rented a space out on McWillie Drive for about $200. From there, it just grew and grew until I was able to buy my current location”.

Who is Latrice Rogers?

Latrice Rogers
29 years old
5 feet 5 inches tall
Net Worth
$3 Million USD
Clifton Rogers

Latrice Rogers

Latrice Rogers is a Successful Entrepreneur, Television Personality, and a cast member at OWN’s new reality show “Belle Collective”. She has around 17K followers on Instagram. She started her Goddess Lengths Virgin Hair Bar store in 2014 which is a beauty product store located in Jackson, Mississippi, and at North Park Mall and “Esensual Beauty” store online. In 2017, she was also awarded as an SBA Young Entrepreneur. Before setting up her business she worked at Office Depot and did many other odd jobs.

On March 26th, 2021, Roger wrote about her business success on Instagram “When you got it out of the Mud, it hits different. From office depot making only $8.00 an hour to making millions a year. I remember graduating from Jackson State University and having to punch a clock. While I have nothing against honest workers, I knew for a fact this wasn’t what the hell I spent 4 years in college for & this wasn’t the lifestyle I imagined. So I had to get smart, come up with a game plan & execute! Let me tell y’all I started Goddess Lengths out the trunk of my green Toyota Camry in the Parking lot of Target ! I was so determined to enter the hair industry that I would let nothing get in my way, not even the naysayers! While they laughed at me, I laughed my way to the Bank. I continued to be a student of life and fed my brain with more knowledge and information. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking entrepreneurship is easy and Luxurious! Because it’s Far from it! It’s 10 steps forward & 20steps back! But when you remain 10 toes down, the reward is so much more worth it.

I told God my plans and he laughed at me and told me BIGGER! So bigger I went! I’m so thankful for my support system and hubby @cee.rogers for never giving up on me and pushing me beyond my limits. Thank you so much @OwnTV and @thecarlosking_ for allowing me to share my story and showcase my business on a national level! & lastly thank you so much to @forbes for featuring me, @lydiatblanco you captured my story so effortlessly & beautifully! Ya girl made Forbes yall! Check out my feature & let me know what y’all think!”

How old is Latrice Rogers?

Latrice Rogers

How old is Latrice Rogers? Latrice was born in 1992, in the USA, now her age is 29. There is no much information regarding her parents, we will keep you updated soon. She did her High school at Canton High School and graduated in 2010 from Jackson State University in biology. In 2011, she attended Baptist College of Health Science for few months which is a nursing school.

Who is Latrice Rogers Husband?

Latrice Rogers

Latrice Rogers is married to Clifton Rogers, the couple supports each other in their business. They do not have children. On March 1st, 2021, she updated a picture on Instagram and captioned it “It’s the look in his eyes for me”.

Latrice Rogers Net Worth

The Net worth of Latrice Rogers is $3 Million USD.

(Image Source: Latrice Rogers Instagram)

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