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Mama Sarah Obama aka Sarah Onyango Obama is a Kenyan educator, philanthropist, founder of Mama Sarah Obama Foundation, and well known as a third wife of the paternal grandfather of Barack Obama the former U.S. president. Mama Sarah died on Monday at 4.45 am in Kisumu at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Hospital at the age of 99. Her family confirmed that she was admitted to the hospital Sunday morning, while undergoing treatment she lost her life. Mama Sarah Obama is a strong believer in the Islamic faith. As per the religious customs, the family is arranging to have her buried today i.e. March 29th, 2021 at Muslim Cemetery in Kisumu.

The Former Prime Minister of Kenya Raila Odinga tweeted “In the passing of Mama Sarah Obama, we have lost a matriarch who lived ahead of her time. She single-handedly kept the family going long after the husband departed”. One of the users responded to the tweet “In between, she became a symbol of the Resilience and Confidence of the African woman with a unique capacity to face the challenges of life. She utilized her grandson President @BarackObama ‘s rise to promote the education of girls and fight social ills through her Foundation”

Who is Mama Sarah Obama?

Mama Sarah Obama aka Sarah Onyango Obama is a Kenyan educator, philanthropist, and well known as a grandmother of the former U.S. president Barack Obama. In Nov 2014, she received the Pioneer Award from United Nations on Women’s Entrepreneurship Day for the work of an education foundation. 

In 2009, she started a Mama Sarah Obama Foundation which is a Non- Profit Organization. According to Mama Sarah Obama, the mission of the foundation is “The Foundation’s mission is to improve the education and welfare of disenfranchised children to help them successfully achieve their goals and have a better future. Today, Mama Sarah has developed a vision for her legacy that will build upon her actions, accomplishments, and resources to make a lasting impression on the causes she believes in. This vision is being implemented through her work at the Foundation, and includes the construction of an Early Childhood Development Center, Rehabilitation of a Primary and Secondary School, Construction of a Medical Center, and Establishment of the Mama Sarah Scholarship Fund”

How old is Mama Sarah Obama? 

How old is Sarah Mama Sarah Obama? She was born in 1922, in Chicago, Kenya. now her age is 99 years as of 2021. She was born to Omar Okech and her mother’s information is unknown.

Who is Mama Sarah Obama Husband 

Mama Sarah Obama is the third wife of Hussein Onyango Obama, he expired on April 7, 2014. She is the step-grandmother to US president Barack Obama. The couple had four children named Zeituni Onyango, Yusuf Obama, Omar Okech Obama, and Sayid Obama.

When the writer Witold Szabłowski asked Mama Sarah Obama about her marriage and husband she said” My husband, Jaduong Hussein Onyango Obama, was much older than me. I was 19 when we got married and he is over 70. You can imagine what the times were like back then. The girl did not choose her husband alone. She would come to the house “jagam”, the matchmaker, and said: such and such a man is interested in you. What do you think? Are you surprised? It was 1941, and people in that region of Kenya had seen the first plane just a few years before. In luo, the language of our tribe, they called it “dege” and right in every second family when a child was born, they also called it Dege. In honor of the plane, it’s such a remarkable invention. When the first spoons appeared, they also called the children in their honor – Ojiko. Or Asande. In honor of the plate. I had a very good life with my husband and to this day I think that no one will tell you who to get married as well as a matchmaker. Yes, Obama was older, yes, I was his third wife, but he looked very good and was very well educated. If it were not so, would his grandson have gone so high? In life. My husband lived 105 years, so we spent a lot of time together. He is buried right next to the house, go around the corner, you will pass a farm with cows – yes, he roars, the calf was born to us yesterday – and you will see. We Luo do so; we hide the dead at our homes. His son, Barack Hussein Obama Senior, is lying next door. So we had a good life, but no one will live forever. And I’ve been alone for over 40 years. But wait, wait … There is something I don’t understand … Why are you asking like that about my late husband? Hahahahaha … Do you, do you want me to propose? “..

Mama Sarah Obama Net Worth

The Net worth of Mama Sarah Obama was $300K USD as of 2021.

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