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Da’Naia Jackson is serving as the Chief Operations Officer at ShopDerrickJaxn LLC, she’s been working since November 2014. Jackson started her career as a Technical Recruiter at TEKsystems and worked there from November 2012 to July 2014, her role was to sell Information Technology services including IT staffing, Talent Management, and Retention Develop fact-based strategies. From July 2014 to November 2015, Jackson worked as Account Manager at Veredus A Hays Company, which was formed in November of 2000 and is a privately held firm and has locations in Tampa, Florida, and many more. Then, for over four months she served as an Account Executive at Tech USA. Talking about her education, Da’Naia Jackson attended Tuskegee University and graduated with B.S Hospitality Management & Sales and Marketing in 2018.

Derrick Jaxn Cheating Scandal

Derrick Jaxn

Derrick Jaxn is a Relationship Guru and bosts 1.3 Million followers on Instagram, in a recent development he confessed about having multiple affairs after fans uncovered his indiscretions, but the video is dubbed cringe-worthy by fans.

On March 23, 2021, Derrick uploaded a video on his official Instagram account in which Da’Naia Jackson expressed her opinion, she said “There is no justification for bringing another woman into our relationship on any level. It is unacceptable and this is not something I will tolerate or we will tolerate moving forward. I have been flooded with messages asking why haven’t I left but the answer for that is when I found out I did leave. I did not hesitate or waste my time. I stood firm on not coming back. I did not come back until I saw a shift in his personality or how he presented himself during conversations. This is something we never had in 12 years of knowing each other.” She concluded, “There is nothing I don’t know about and we have moved forward from it. He continues to seek guidance and that is what I need to stay in the marriage. Today, I am at peace and probably stand by his side. I have no hesitation, hate, or shame.”

In March 2020, Derrick Jaxn began his affair with Candice De Medeiros after he lied to Candice that he and his wife were separated, but in reality, they were not. Throughout the summer Derrick and Derrick they exchanged text and even spent together in the bed which Derrick shared with his wife, Candice De Medeiros claimed that she spent his birthday together.

How old is Da’Naia Jackson?

Da’Naia Jackson
December 21, 1990
30 years old
Derrick Jaxn
5 Feet 8 inches tall
Net Worth
$250K USD

Da’Naia Jackson

How old is Da’Naia Jackson? She was born on Dec 21st, 1990, in Denver, Colorado, United States, now her age is 30 years as of 2021. She was born Leslie Keith Broadus Sr (Father) and Linda Faye Buchanan (Mother). Da’Naia’s father passed away on July 25, 2002. She has a twin brother and one younger sister. She also has a grandparent named Gertha Lee Evans and Larry George Phillips. Her grandmother Gertha Lee Evans was a Championship Bowler.

On March 3rd, on Instagram, she wrote about her father’s death and still carries the guilt about his death “Part 1. I killed my Dad… At 12 years old my dad came to my house and asked me to tell him how I feel. He’d been hearing how I felt from my mother but believed she was just making up things. Early July 2002 he learned the truth, I was pissed every time he would say he was coming to pick me up but never showed up, I was hurt it seemed like he loved my brothers and sister more than me, I have hurt my trips to his home were sometimes cut short and I’d have to go to my grandma Broadus house to have time with him, I was hurt that my brothers and sister who are all younger than me said at one point “that’s why you’re not my real sister” which meant to me in his house that was what the belief was when I wasn’t there. I said all of this to his face with no fear, tears in my eyes, and true to what my 12-year-old self was experiencing. 

I remember the look on his face, crushed with tears in his eyes and he said,” he loves me and would show me something different”. I was still angry so I didn’t believe a word he said at that moment. After that conversation I asked him to give me a ride to my auntie Carmen’s house, he was expecting a hug and kiss, I was resistant but kissed him on the cheek with no hug and got out of the car without saying goodbye. Two weeks later his best friend Larry was beating on my door in tears revealing to my mother Les is gone, he died. My mom was the one who told me my dad is dead. My first words were no he’s not and shaking my head. Devastation consumed me. I carried that guilt and responsibility of his death for 17 years. Had I not told him how I felt he would have fought harder to stay alive. I have never since July 25th, 2002 spoken a word to anyone about my true feelings, good bad or ugly and that has caused an issue that has affected my current day life. I pray the root causes in my life uncovers root causes in yours so that you may be free and have those roots uprooted and replace with His Vine to spring forward fruit. In Jesus’s name. Amen”


Da’Naia Jackson

Da’Naia Jackson tied know with Derrick Jaxn in Jan 2018 in Georgia, the couple got engaged in 2016, and even before their engagement they welcomed their Daughter Marley to the world and the couple is blessed with two children.

Net Worth

Da’Naia Jackson Net Worth is $250K USD.

(Image Source: Da’Naia Jackson Instagram)

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