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Riley K. Basford is a 15 years teenager who killed himself on April 5th, 2021, after being blacked mailed by an individual through social media over the personal photo’s been shared by him. His family revealed that he died at his father’s home. Riley was been assault by online threats.

Riley Basford’s mother revealed that he was interacting with the person through Facebook and developed a relationship, where he uses to share his photos to the individual and Basford’s mother says “I will not go to my grave without honoring Riley every day of my life because he did not want to die.”

Riley Basford

Riley Basford’s step-mom said, “He’s one of many who have fallen into that trap. We just need to be talking to our kids. I think if Riley had felt more confident in coming to us, he would have, but he was so embarrassed. He just didn’t want people to know. We’ve just got to let kids know that no matter what they do, we will be here for them. There’s always somebody out there who is going to be able to help you no matter what you do. People make mistakes, we as parents have to forgive them.”

Who is Riley Basford?

Riley Basford

Riley K. Basford is a happy-go-lucky person, he was studying at Potsdam High School. He loved his family and mother a lot. Due to blackmailing, he lost his life, after him sharing the personal picture with the person with whom he was interacting over Facebook, the teenager got a text stating, he would pay $3,500 or the personal picture would be shared with the family and friend circle. Unfprtuenly after being threatened, within an hour he committed suicide. He was also working as a dishwasher cleaner at a restaurant and he did not have enough money to pay the blackmailer.

Darren Basford Basford’s father told, “They continued to bombard him and bombard him, and finally, they broke him. He thought this was the only way out because he didn’t want to be embarrassed.”. He added “I want to get the messagareout to parents that there is no safe social media. You need to talk to your kids about all social media, know who they’re talking to and have the kids know who they’re talking to”. The late teen’s mother Mary Rodee said “He couldn’t reason out what was happening to him and it was happening so fast. They put him into such a panic that he went out of his mind”.

How old is Riley Basford?

How old is Riley Basford? He was born in 2006 in the USA, now his age is 15 years as of 2021. He was born to Darren Basford (Father) who is a prison sergeant and Mary Rodee (Mother) is a teacher. He was in high school studying in Potsdam High School.

Rodee says “Basford’s mother said, “The governor will hear my son’s name out of my mouth. The president will hear my son’s name out of my mouth”

In his memorial they have already set up a GoFundMe, they have raised $36,370. as of Tuesday. The money which is donated in Riley’s name will be used scholarship fund to help Potsdam kids.

His mother said “I have been the mom standing in Walmart arguing with my sweet boy over a button shirt to go to his friend’s wake and I don’t want any kid to go through that. I want to see them as Riley saw them,” added “For lack of a better term, Riley was cool. Kids liked him. He made friends everywhere he went, and I don’t want kids to think that what happened to him is cool.”

On the Gofund page, his family describes him by saying “Riley had an infectious smile. He loved to hunt deer, ducks, and geese with his stepbrothers and good friends Tanner & Ryan. He enjoyed fishing and playing lacrosse and football. He participated in the JR Carp tournaments for a few years and he looked forward to it every summer, especially Duffer’s cooking and camping with his buddy Devin.

Riley could rock a mullet like no other and he had the most gorgeous curly hair for it. His love of hunting and being outdoors made him want to be a DEC officer like his Uncle Troy. He enjoyed collecting and boiling sap both at home and for the Ag club at school.

Riley had a love for machines. He recently got his first job and bought his own snowmobile and loved riding it on the family farms. Riley will be missed by all that knew him. He touched so many lives in his very short 15 years with us on earth. May he always be with us in our hearts”

Unknown facts

  • Full Name: Riley Basford
  • DOB: 2006
  • Born: USA
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous for: Committed suicide
  • Height: 5 feet 7 inches tall
  • School: Potsdam High School.
  • Qualification: High School
  • Father: Darren Basford
  • Mother: Mary Rodee
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