What is Zach Avery Net Worth? Know About $227 million Ponzi scheme

Zach Avery aka Zachary Horwitz is an LA Actor who got arrested on April 5th, 2021, he has been charged with running a Ponzi scheme with at least 200 investors losing $227M, according to the reports.

Zach used the money from the investor in buying the rights to films that HBO and Netflix had signed on to distribute in Latin America. On Monday, he was arrested by the FBI special agents and presented to the United States District Court on April 6th, now charged with wire fraud and could serve 20 years in jail.

Zach Avery

However, on May 13th the arrangement is set to take place and Zach has been released on a $1M bond, looking at the report he enticed the investors by falsely claiming his company, 1inMM Capital LLC had a licensing deal with Netflix, HBO, and other platforms.

Since 2019, the actor running this enormous Ponzi scheme and owes investors roughly $227 million, regarding this both the streaming giant and the network made clear that they had no business with Zach Avery.

What is Zach Avery Net Worth?

Zach Avery

Zach Avery is an American actor from Los Angeles Metropolitan Area and he is also a Managing Partner at 1inMM Productions. He has acted in movies like Fury, Farming, The Laughing Man, Last Moment of Clarity, and many more.

At Indiana University he has played football, due to injuries he had to stop. After, his graduation from the university, he took part in the Chicago School of Professional Psychology at the doctoral program. His very first acting was in a short film named “Shifter” performing the role of Striker as a soldier.

His Instagram account bio read “Act your way into changing your thinking rather than think your way into changing your actions”. Instagram account is in private and has 11.4K Followers in it. Zach is married to Mallory and he has a son named Jaxon who was born n 2018.

With the scheme of $227 million, he has made an estimated Net Worth of around $20 Million USD. 

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