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Andrea Ivonne Monroy is 28 years old Blogger, who is suffering from a rare disease called Xeroderma Pigmentosum, “Xeroderma pigmentosum (XP) is a genetic disorder in which there is a decreased ability to repair DNA damage such as that caused by ultraviolet (UV) light.” She is diagnosed with cancer for the 28th time and this made her live like a real-life vampire.

At the age of 23 her skin condition forced her into menopause, the skin condition made her not go outside during the day because her skin is highly sensitive to sunlight, but goes outside during the day only for medical treatment otherwise Andrea stay inside and wait for the night, her car window is also tinted to protect her skin from sunlight.

Andrea Ivonne Monroy

People with xeroderma pigmentosum have a life expectancy of just 37 years, but Andrea never likes to discuss this. Her recent diagnosis was in October 2020, where she underwent surgery to remove cancer.

Who is Andrea Ivonne Monroy?

She is 28 years old and lives with her parents in California, her parents are Martin and Maria, also she has a sister named Pam Monroy.

Andrea Ivonne Monroy
Andrea Ivonne Monroy With her sister

Andrea underwent her first surgery at the age of six and in her blog she says “That first surgery was my first real memory of knowing there was something weird going on with me,” and added, “I woke up after the surgery and it really hit me.”

Till now, she underwent 27 operations to remove cancerous growths on her face. Besides this, Andrea says her family only uses LED light bulbs and even carries a light meter. Andrea never goes outside during the day because she says it burns her eye “It can feel as if my eyes are burning,” and added, “I wear a hat that has a protective see-through guard and if I do have to go outside in daylight, I will check the light levels using my light meter and go home if they are too strong.”

That doesn’t mean Andrea sleeps in the morning, as explained on her blog, Andrea has a sleep pattern of normal people “I sleep normally at night and get up in the morning, just like other people do.”

Andrea needs to have children before her late twenties, due to her rare skin condition, in 2014 she attended the XP Family Support group conference and learned that female XP sufferers have to become mother earliest, Andrea said at the age of 11 she never liked to be a mother, now the cancerous growth has spread to various part of the body.

Andrea Ivonne said “From the age of 11 or 12, I knew I never wanted kids. I just never saw myself in the future with children,” and added “My body is so tired. I get exhausted a lot, my moods have been on a roll, my migraines are back and so many other things have been going on with me.”

In a recent Instagram post, she wrote “My energy it’s kinda been shifting, I feel my body, mind, and soul quite different. I can feel the changes that my pre-menopause is doing to me. I am feeling more tired, my insomnia kinda got worse, hot flushes are beginning once again, and the headaches, but, I am practicing my Yoga and Meditation and I have also been working, which I do believe helps my mind quite a lot.

I feel the weirdness and energy in my whole self, but I just try to do my best and focused on getting better. I just ask Gaia, Hecate, and Flora to help me in times like this, and hope to the Universe that I don’t get depressed this year, and if I do, that is not as bad as last year. Taking deep breaths, and let’s keep on going with life.”

Apart from this, in her free time she likes to spend with her sister, cousin, and her pet dog, Andrea has a huge crush on Jim Morrison and also refers to him as her soulmate, he was an American singer, songwriter, and poet. On Feb 12th, she shared a wall picture of Jim Morrison and wrote “I had a long time not to put a picture of Jim Morrison.”


Andrea Ivonne Monroy

She stands 5 feet 6 inches tall.

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