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Technoblade who’s real name is Dave, is a Minecraft YouTuber and Twitch Streamer. Recently, the hashtag #Kickdave was trending on Twitter, and received death threats for his racist tweets on George Floyd. On May 30, 2020, Technoblade made a Tweet regarding George Floyd, he captioned “murder is bad” then he deleted the tweet but the screenshots are circulating online, now this screenshot is surfaced once again, and led to trend #Kickdave on Twitter. However, Technoblade fans came to his rescue, one user wrote “Anyone trying to trend #KICKDAVE just.. why. techno doesn’t like being called by his real name and you’re not going to get an apology or whatever you want by being aggressive on Twitter.” Later, another one wrote “Technoblade also got canceled cuz he tried to help and put a donation link to George Floyd months ago but people think he is racist cuz he wrote “murder is bad” Maybe he chose the wrong words but we all know that his intentions were to help.” Many believe that Technoblade chose the wrong words but his intentions were to help, earlier he also shared a donation link to George Floyd but people still belives he is racist.

Who is Technoblade?

June 1, 1999
22 years old
Net Worth
$800K to $1.5 Million USD
5 feet 9 inches tall


He is a Gaming Youtuber and best knows as the Techno or Technothepig, he makes video-centered to Minecraft and also streams on Youtuber and Twitch. Technoblade is rated as one of the best Minecraft players and know for tactics and strategy in the game. Dave plays on Dream SMP, SMP Earth, MC Championship, Minecraft Mondays, and Minecraft Server Hypixel. Techno knows for his skills in Player vs Player environments (PvP). Furthermore, Dave is a part of the Sleepyboisinc along with Wilbur Soot, Ph1LzA, and TommyInnit. Technoblade entertains fans having a friendly rivalry with Dream, a fellow Minecraft YouTuber. Besides this he has a dark sense of humor and a sarcastic personality, Tommy has nicknamed him “The Blade” and the Minecraft community describes him as “a mixture of laid-back, cocky, and egotistical”. On Minecraft’s Monday tournament he won four times, and earned [PIG+++] rank on Hypixel, earlier he also uploaded a video of cooking and green screen content showing his YouTube awards. on September 27, 2013, it was confirmed on a Hypixel Forum post that he tweeted about having ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and called minions “slaves” and in the clips of his Skyblock Potato War he compared “annoying things to Hitler.”

Before pursuing his career in Minecraft, Dave created a channel named “StudioLore,” where he used to upload Fortnite videos and Roblox Sword Fight videos, during that time he was just 13 years. Fast forward to now, he made his career around Minecraft and talking about his achievement he earned [PIG], [PIG+], [PIG++] and [PIG+++] rank on Hypixel. In MC Championships 4, Dave was placed 1st and won the Dodgebolt and the tournament, and in MC Championships 9 he was placed 2nd, other than this he was the only player to win the Minecraft Monday tournament in a row besides m0xyyand xQc. During the MCUltimate Season 2, Dave has donated over $11,600 to the Miracle Foundation.

How old is Technoblade?


Technoblade was born on June 1, 1999, and from San Francisco, California, he is 22 years old. In 2016, his parents got divorced and Dave currently lives with his father. Dave has three younger sisters and one brother, apart from this there is not much information available regarding his family.

Who is Technoblade Girlfriend?


Dave has never mentioned anything about his Girlfriend anywhere on the internet, so we have no information about his love life, but we will let you know if the information is available to us.

What is Technoblade Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Technoblade is between $800K to $1.5 Million USD.

(Image Source: Technoblade Instagram)

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