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Jimmy Hoffmeyer is from Michigan Jurnee Hoffmeyer’s father. He said that on March 24, 2021, his 7-year-old daughter Jurnee came home with her hair cut on from The Mount Pleasant Schools district, In one case the teacher would have cut her hair or a classmate did it. Jurnee told classmates have used scissors to cut her hair inside the school bus. On 10th April Jimmy posted on his Facebook “I know a lot of yall want to know more but this is all I can say at the moment but will update when I can…just want to keep ppl aware in the meantime”. Jimmy Hoffmeyer has moved his 7-year-old biracial daughter from one school to another after his child’s hair was cut. 

Jimmy Hoffmeyer

Hoffmeyer said “She was crying,” and “She was afraid of getting in trouble for getting her hair cut.” also said that, “I asked what happened and told ‘I thought I told you no child should ever cut your hair,’” he continued. “She said ‘but dad, it was the teacher.’ The teacher cut her hair to even it out.” He told that “After that teacher cut her hair, she was so embarrassed, so embarrassed that she had to go back to class like that.”. Hoffmeyer has filed an incident report complaint with the Mount Pleasant Schools district principal and he had her daughter’s hair cut at the salon after the incident. The policy director with the National Parents Union, Christina Last said “We are asking for a formal apology to the Hoffmeyer family for violating their rights and cutting Jurnee’s hair without parental advisement or consent, formal consequences to the educators and staff who decided to act without parental permission, guidance or consent and cut Jurnee’s hair, damages based on the injury and mental anguish that has taken place to this family and child, formal policies in place that will prohibit future harm in this or any other manner that indicate discriminatory practices based on race, ethnicity, hair type, texture or style according to the CROWN Act, resolve to follow the law and not assault children in any way, resolve to have best transparent practices with a spirit of respect and collaboration as parents are co-partners in their child’s educations, and resolve to follow the law and best practices when requests are made through the Freedom of Information Act, open and public records requests and return communications to parents and families. I ask that you would agendize this item to resolve all of these things that I listed for your next board meeting.” Jurnee’s mother Christie after the School board meeting at Mount Pleasant Schools took Facebook on April 19th, 2021 and wrote “Just got done with the school board meeting. & I must say I couldn’t be more proud and thankful for all the love and support my family received from our community and others from all around the world that tuned in to the board meeting and spoke up for my beautiful daughter jurnee! My family couldn’t be more grateful and appreciative of all the support we have received and are continuing to receive! Thank you everyone for standing with us while we fight for justice for my baby! #JusticeforJurnee— with Jimmy Hoffmeyer”

Who is Jimmy Hoffmeyer?

Jimmy Hoffmeyer

Jimmy is from Mount Pleasant, Michigan, he attended Mt. Pleasant Senior High School and he is the father of three daughters and one among them is Jurnee Hoffmeye who is 7 years old. Jimmy is married to Christie Hoffmeyer on 28 February 2010, Christie is currently working as Sales & Marketing at Elite Marketing Interactions.

How old is Jimmy Hoffmeyer?

Jimmy Hoffmeyer is in mid 30’s.

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