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Keith Heacook was a Delmar Police Department’s Corporal who served for over 22 years, was declared clinically dead by Baltimore hospital. On Wednesday, April 28, Chief Ivan Barkley announced that Heacook was one of the three victims involved in a brutal attack on Sunday, April 25, 2021, in Delmar. Chief Ivan Barkley said Heacook organs will be donated “I need you to know that even with his sacrifice, he’s still a hero for someone.” According to the police, Heacook was battered by Randon Wilkerson who is 30 years old at the domestic incident which occurred around 5:12 am in the Yorkshire Estates community. According to the court document, A 911 caller reported, that Randon Wilkerson was seen fighting and disorderly with other residents of the house and also found destroying items inside the residence. Wilkerson was found assaulting an elderly couple who lived in the same street and they were also injured and both were transported to the nearest hospitals. According to the document, a woman who witnessed that Wilkerson was standing on top of Heacook and slamming his foot on his head inside the living room and after when Heacook became unresponsive over the police radio, the officers responded to the home.

Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings said “These are the worst moments any of us can imagine: mourning the loss of a member of our law enforcement family. Cpl. Keith Heacook served his Department and his community honorably and faithfully for more than two decades – a family man, a public servant, and a protector of his community until his final days,” added “Tonight we remember a father and a husband; a veteran of Delmar’s police force; and a brother in Delaware’s law enforcement family. Tonight we mourn the loss of a man who devoted his life to serving others. Tonight we acknowledge law enforcement across the state, who willingly face danger each day so the rest of us don’t have to.” Keith Heacook’s wife Susan raised questions against the police department stating “To the town of Delmar, I’m greatly touched by the amount of support and outpour of love you have shown during this very difficult time. My heart aches for all the victims involved. Every minute I pray to receive a call from the doctors saying my husband is responsive and can come home to me. Could all of this been avoided? To the Delmar Police Department, I ask why? Why was my husband the only officer on duty? Why was he the only officer sent to respond to that call? What protocols are in place for responding to an incident? During a time in our country where police officers are targeted and disliked, wouldn’t it be logical to dispatch more than one officer? My husband was beaten unconscious without any other law enforcement there to back him up. How long did he lay on the floor before help arrived?. I beg you to reevaluate your standards of policing and consider reaching out to other agencies for backup if you don’t have the manpower within your department. There needs to always be more than one officer responding to calls of this nature. Had that been done, perhaps my husband would be sitting next to me instead of laying unconscious in a hospital bed. Is this what it takes for the police department to wake up? These questions have plagued my mind from the moment I heard the news. I have yet to receive answers”.

How old was Keith Heacook?

How old was Keith Heacook? He was born in 1973, in Georgetown DE USA now his age is 48 years as of 2021. We do not have much information regarding his parents. However, we will keep you updated.

Who was Keith Heacook Wife?

Keith Heacook was married to Susan Heacook aka Susan Marquez Baker, she works as a Quality control at Dart Container. The couple is blessed with three children named Michelle Colander, Clint Baker, and Chuck Baker.

What was Keith Heacook’s Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Keith Heacook is around $300k USD.

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