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Jay St James is a Black political organizer and a licensed nurse from Eugene, Oregon. She is well known for her status as a sex worker. Since 2015, she has been active in the community. “St. James” is the last name she uses for activism and sex work, her legal name is being withheld to protect her family’s privacy”.

She held training events on filing public records requests and also helped craft a community-funded policy platform that advocates for housing justice and voting. She gained media attention after she revealed the sexual assault by Christopher Drumm who was the police officer in the city’s police department’s patrol unit on May 24, 2020.

After the sexual assault, she claimed, the other member of the Eugene Police Department, harassed her and her family. No charges have been made against Drumm instead St. James is facing charges after protesting her assault. She said “The system doesn’t view me as a victim,” added “ “[They see me as] a mess. I’m a problem … I was stalked and raped by officer Christopher Drumm, but because of the job I hold, I’m the one facing charges.”

St James talks about the incident, she was raped on May 24 in her home by police officer Drumm. However, she met Drumm with 3 other officers three days before the alleged rape. Her former partner threw a beer bottle on her and also threatened to burn the house down. During that time she requested a mental health professional, the four uniformed officers were sent to her home among them was Drumm. During their visit, Drumm and his colleagues were not ready to make a file or report a statement about the abuse. Instead, they harassed her by saying “What am I going to write down? That this guy should be smashing that ass instead of smashing bottles?”

Sara Urzua who is the Civil Liberties Defense Union-trained legal said that St. James described all the interactions of the conversation the next morning, stating “Officers harassed Jay after that,” and also described “They were coming up with what I believe to be trumped-up charges, threatening to take Jay’s kids away. I personally feel like—and this is my opinion—this was an intimidation tactic,” Urzua added “I’m a mandatory reporter. I’m a caregiver. If I had seen anything that I thought was unsafe with those children, I would have said something. That is my legal obligation, and I have seen absolutely nothing”.

She also told that the officers made comments about her body and made fun of the age differences between her and her ex-partners, who were about 20 years older than her. After he left that night, he stalked her for three days and raped her. St. James said, “He brought his car over. He answered a call on his radio once when he was in my house,”. According to the report, on June 10, Drumm resigned from the Eugene Police Department.

On July 15th, 2020, St James, protests along with some of the groups outside the Eugene Police Department headquarters. Some people read about her assault allegations through Facebook. During the protest, unfortunately, she was arrested and she was charged with felony riot, criminal mischief in the second degree, interfering with a peace officer, and resisting arrest.

Chief Chris Skinner Eugene Police Department addressed the press stating “The VICE article was written without the benefit of access to full independent investigation and may have inaccurate information,” and added “Currently, Mr. Drumm’s police certification is inactive and he has been flagged for review and possible revocation for moral fitness,” he also noted, “allegations of sexual assault very seriously and appreciates the system we have in place to hold us accountable to this community and their expectations.”

Against Drumm, the investigation has been reported and reopened by the St James attorney Patty Perlow who is the Lane County District Attorney.

Unknown Facts

  • Full Name: Jay St James
  • DOB: Not Known
  • Born: Not Known
  • Nationality: American
  • Boyfriend: Not Known
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Height: Not Known
  • Famous for: Black political organizer and licensed nurse
  • College: Not Known
  • Qualification: Not Known
  • Father: Not Known
  • Mother: Not Known

(Image Source: Vice)

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