What is Natasha Poonawalla Net Worth? Biography, Age, Height, Parents

Natasha Poonawalla is a philanthropist and wife of Adar Poonawalla, is a CEO and Owner of Serum Institute of India, Natasha is the Executive Director at Serum Institute of India, where its the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer.

In early May 2021, her Husband Adar Poonawalla left India for London after received threats demanding COVID-19 vaccines, previously the Government of India has provided Poonawalla with ‘Y’ category security. Poonawalla claimed that he left India after increasingly intense pressure from pro-government voices and opposition politicians, after a sudden increase in COVID-19 cases in India many demanded to increase the supply of Covid-19 vaccines and to cut the cost, also some labeled him a “profiteer” for delays in supplying vaccines.

Adar Poonawalla


In an interview with The Times of London, Adar Poonawalla said he received a call from the most powerful men in India, said “Threats is an understatement,” and in the interview with the same publication, he said “I’m staying here an extended time, because I don’t want to go back to that situation,” and continued “Everything falls on my shoulders, but I can’t do it alone.”

What is Natasha Poonawalla Net Worth?

Natasha Poonawalla Net Worth

$15 Million USD.

Natasha Poonawalla

Natasha Poonawalla is the Executive Director of Serum Institute of India since June 2016, also she’s serving as the chairperson of the Villoo Poonawalla Foundation, Director of the Poonawalla Science Park, and Director of Villoo Poonawalla Racing and Breeding Pvt Ltd.

Looking at her educational background, she attended St. Mary’s School and graduated from the University of Pune with a Bachelor’s Degree, in 2004 Natasha graduated from London School of Economics with a master’s degree. Since 2010, Natasha Poonawalla appointed as the Chairperson of Villoo Poonawalla Charitable Foundation, a Charitable Foundation established by her Husband in the memory of his late mother Mrs. Villoo Poonawalla, according to the website “The main objective is to enhance lives through a primary focus on education, healthcare, water, and environmental sanitation, and green spaces.”

In 2020, Prince Charles appointed Natasha as the chairperson of the British Asian Trust’s Children’s Protection Fund for India, in an interview with Vogue India, she said “I believe in walking the talk,” and added, “and leveraging my position and influence to bring about social reforms [in areas] that require immediate attention.” On Feb 6, 2020, Natasha wrote on Instagram “Pleased to be the chair of the #BritishAsianTrust’s Children’s Protection Fund for #India in support of their #AntiTrafficking program. Look forward to working closely with @katyperry in our effort to improve the lives of thousands of children with @thebritishasiantrust! Our children deserve safer futures. At #thebritishasiantrust Annual Royal Dinner, HRH The Prince of Wales @clarencehouse and @katyperry and I had the chance to further discuss the #AntiTrafficking program and what it entails”

Natasha Poonawalla

On Instagram, she boasts 590k followers during the time of writing, her bio reads “Exec Director, Serum Institute of India | Chair, VPCF.org | Invested in the transformation of people, spaces and mindsets. The glass is always half full!.”

Natasha Poonawalla Net Worth is around $15 Million USD.

Natasha Poonawalla Husband

Natasha Poonawalla

In 2006, Natasha Poonawalla tied the knot with Adar Poonawalla and they share two sons, Cyrus and Darius. The couple first at the Goa party which was hosted by Vijay Mallya.

Natasha and Adar along with their kids stay in Mumbai Bungalow, this year Adar Poonawalla rented a property in the London neighborhood for $69,000 a week, the mansion is spread across 25,000 square feet.

How old is Natasha Poonawalla?

Natasha Poonawalla was born on November 26, 1981, and from Mumbai, which means she is 39 years old. Natasha was born to Pramesh Aurora (Father) and Minnie Aurora (Mother), she also has a brother.

Natasha Poonawalla

On August 3, 2020, she shared a throwback picture of herself with her brother and captioned it “Happy Raksha Bandhan… an Indian tradition to celebrate the relationship between a brother and a sister. The sister ties a Rakee on her brother’s wrist and he promises to protect his sister from… in my case, I may have had the roles reversed at times… but either way, we’re good!.”

(Image Source: Natasha Poonawalla Instagram)

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