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Jamie Sun is an upcoming Singer and an Ex-fiance of Naomi Sharon who is the Caribbean and Dutch singer-songwriter. On 3rd April 2021, Jamie announces that he is no longer with Sharon on social media. Since she is linked with the Hip hop icon Drake and Jamie claims that Drake and his lady slept together and ending his eight-year-long relationship with Naomi Sharon.

Jamie Sun took his Instagram and wrote On May 3rd, 2021 “Imagine having the most beautiful, supportive, and faithful relationship 8 years long with an engagement and wedding planned. A beautiful woman on your side as ride or die. Then this major opportunity comes and a world star calls your fiancé to sign a record deal Flies you both over and then out of nowhere all the trust is vanished with knives in your back and in your heart, Imagine. But also imagine the power of the universe that is sending love and greatness to me in an astronomical and most spiritual way. Imagine” added “I am no longer with the person people think I am together with. I am no longer with the 8 years I thought I was together with.” He later deleted the post on the Instagram account.

Naomi Sharon

Earlier Drake has linked with many women in his career. It was said to be that Drake the Grammy-winning rapper accused of flying out with Naomi Sharon and Jamie Sun to work on his upcoming album “Certified Lover Boy”. Jamie was happy when he heard that his fiancé signed with Drake and both of their dream has about to come true until she slept with Drake. 

Despite being accused by Jamie Sun, the rapper Drake has got a lot of support from his fans across the globe. Many think that Drake was not at fault here. On 3rd April 2021, Drake posted his picture on Instagram and captioned it “Without Remorse”, wonder if he is stating the current ongoing issue. However, both Drake and Sharon are yet to comment on the matter. 

One of the users took to Twitter and wrote “Look, Drake is not at fault here. He ain’t the one who was engaged. And I mean… I peeped Naomi’s IG… I understand a bit.” Another wrote, “Honestly Naomi Sharon’s music is top f**king tier and I’m disappointed I got introduced to her this way.” 

The other user wrote “I went to that shorty Naomi Sharon IG to see what ol girl looked like and lawd is all I gotta say. She about to be at 100k plus followers by tomorrow. Drake bout to put her on the map.”

Who is Jamie Sun?

Jamie Sun

Jamie Sun is an upcoming Singer, he has released a few of his singles on Spotify “Light”, “Rise”, “Stil”, “Zon”, and “Lucide Droom”.

During the release of his new song “Light” on March 21st, 2021 he took to his Instagram and captioned “10 days until LIGHT Recently I’ve been going through the deepest mental and physical pain I have ever felt in my life, The crazy part about it is that at the same time I felt the brightest light in my soul to heal me. To open my eyes and to let me see the signs and omens who were telling me that this happens to make me stronger than ever and that it will give me more superpowers. I couldn’t see it in the center of the storm but I feel it now. Drop and if you are ready for the music video of my new song LIGHT directed by myself.”

How old is Jamie Sun?


Jamie Sun


Early 30's

Net Worth

$200K USD


She stands 5 feet 10 inches tall


Naomi Sharon (Ex)

Jamie Sun

How old is Jamie Sun? He’s in his early 30’s, he was born in the USA. We do not have much information regarding his parents. However, we will keep you updated very soon. 

Who is Jamie Sun Ex-Fiance?

Jamie Sun

Jamie Sun was engaged to Naomi Sharon and was together for over 8 years. Recently, Jamie announces that he is no longer with Sharon over social media, after he spotted his fiancee with the rapper Drake at the Gym and also claims that Drake and his lady slept together.

Naomi Sharon is a Caribbean and Dutch Singer and Songwriter. In April 2019, she released her debut single “The Moon” and released her second single “Breeze” in 2019 With hints of Soul, Smooth Jazz, and Alternative R&B. She also once took part in The Theatre School. In 2020, she released a single “1991”.

On April 21, 2021, Jamie wrote on his Instagram and captioned “I am no longer with the person people think I am together with I am no longer with the 8 years I thought I was together with, I am no longer with the engagement I thought I was together with, I am no longer with broken trust I was brought together with, I am no longer with the pain I thought I was together with, I am now with the acceptance I want to be together with, I am now with the healing I want to be together with, I am now with the most beautiful and powerful light the stars brought me together with, I am now with the conspiring of the greatest things the universe wants me to be together with Love.”

What is Jamie Sun Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Jamie Sun is around $200K USD.

(Image Source: Jamie Sun Instagram)

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