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Nivine Jay is an Actress and an Author, she gained media attention after she turned down Ben Affleck on the celebrity dating app, Jay matched Affleck on Raya which a celebrity dating app, Jay thought it was either a fake profile or she was being catfished, due to which she unmatched the profile with Ben Affleck who is a famous American Actor.

Later, Affleck took his Instagram and sent a video to Jay asking why did she unmatch him on Raya, Affleck said in the video “Nivine, why did you unmatch me? It’s me!”. However, Affleck claimed out that his profile was real. Jay made a video joking about the incident on TikTok, she wrote on her TikTok stating “Thinking of the time I matched with Ben Affleck on Raya and thought it was fake so I unmatched him and he sent me a video on Instagram.”

Nivine Jay

Raya is a dating app, according to the website Raya is a “membership-based community for networking, dating and making friends”. Some of the celebrities have been spotted on the Raya app like Drew Barrymore, Cara Delevigne, John Mayer, Trevor Noah, and Kelly Osbourne. To sign-in on the Raya app, one must go through an extensive vetting process, out of 100,000 people on the waiting list and only 8 percent membership acceptance will be approved on the app.

In 2019, Affleck was spotted on the Raya app in the hope of finding someone special after he broke up with Jennifer Garner in 2018. On the app, he wrote “He seems to want a real partner and is not looking to date a celebrity. He is private and is in a good space right now,” added, “He has his kids and is focusing on work, but is ready to be in love again.”

In Feb 2020, the actress Rebel Wilson first spotted Affleck on the Raya app. However, Affleck claimed that he was not on any dating apps or websites and stated “I am not on any websites, I am on no dating apps, not Tinder, Grindr, Brindr, Bumble, Humble,” added “I am not on any of them. I don’t have any judgment about people who are — I know people who are on them and have a fun time, but that’s not me. I would love to have a relationship that is deeply meaningful and one to which I could be deeply committed.” According to Jay’s TikTok video, it looks like Affleck is trying to find true love again, some of the users assume that she made it public to gain followers and to become famous.

This was a hot topic all over the Internet and some of the users took to Twitter and wrote regarding the incident. One user wrote “Geez, just let the dude @BenAffleck be a single dad looking for love without making a fool out of him. #Nivinejay looking for more followers? Why people enjoy tearing down others I’ll never understand” Another user wrote “Ya’ll are missing the point. It’s creepy that he searched her up on a seperate app after she cut contact! If it was a regular dude, it would be seen as crossing a boundary.”

“No. You’re missing the point. It clearly states she is unmatched cuz she thought it was fake. His assumption was right. He was just using a way to prove it’s him. Do you not get the boundaries she crossed by making this public? Do you not understand the point of Raya?” Another tweeted.

Who is Nivine Jay?

Nivine Jay

Nivine Jay is an Actress and an Author, she has around 16.4K followers on Instagram with 257 posts. She has acted in The Donut Split (2014) and Space Juice (2021). In 2018, she wrote a book ‘Cry Baby’ the book’s synopsis states “Cry Baby takes you on a journey through the five stages of grief that follow after an unexpected break up between a twenty-something-year-old and the love of her life. Anyone that has suffered through a breakup will attest that the intense pain of a failed relationship can be debilitating, especially at first. Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and the long-awaited Acceptance stage. Cry Baby is a love story ending in the form of short poems”.

Jay and her friend Yasmine Soofi created a 7 Podcast episode named “Swipe Left Podcast” which describes “Shattering illusions that we have it easy dating. We will take you on a journey of our most horrid dating stories. Tackling the issues that come with dating millionaires, athletes, princes, and some struggling actors.”

How old is Nivine Jay?


Nivine Jay




32 Years old

Net Worth

$100K USD.


She stands 5 feet 7 inches tall

Nivine Jay

How old is Nivine Jay? She was born in 1989 now her age is 32 years as of 2021 in the USA. We do not have much information regarding her parents. However, we will keep you updated very soon. She has a sister named Nour Petite.

On Aug 28th, 2020, she shared some of her pictures along with her sister on Instagram and captioned “My sister, She once dressed up and faked an Arab accent pretending to be our mom to get my phone back from the principal’s office. The following year she made me skip high school to sit in and pretend to be her in her college class. You’re many things but never boring. I’m forever enamored by you”

On July 24th, 2020, she posted a picture on Instagram along with her mother and captioned it “My favorite woman to have screaming matches with. Love you, mom!.” On May 13th she posted a picture along with her dad on Instagram and captioned “Try to act normal” my brother said as my father began pretending to wash dishes and l reached for the knife in front of me. My quick wit, good storytelling skills, and general weirdness comes from this dude. I love him so much”

Who is Nivine Jay Boyfriend?

Nivine has kept her relationship in private. However, we will keep you posted at the earliest.

Nivine Jay

What is Nivine Jay Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Nivine Jay is around $100K USD.

Nivine Jay

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