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Kristina Zhuravleva was a Social media Influencer, Beauty Influencer, Content Creator, and a Russian lifestyle. According to the latest report she was found dead in a forest with ‘no signs of violence on the body. 11 days back she has disappeared, since then there was no information regarding her has been revealed.

Currently, the police are investigating Kristina’s husband Dmitry, if she was murdered by him. A passing motorist found Zhuravleva’s body near a road close to Aramil, 15 miles southeast of Yekaterinburg, and also said that she was found in her tracksuit.

Kristina Zhuravleva

The Russian Investigative Committee said her friend and family are being investigated by police officials “Investigators are establishing the circumstances of her death. A forensic examination, interrogations, and other activities are being carried out,” added “It is being established whether there were tensions in the family.”

Elena Makhalina, who is the best friend of Kristina said “He was calm on the phone and said Kristina had left him. She packed her belongings and left her phone at home.” added, “she wanted to be alone, and he said going missing was usual for her.”. Whereas, Elena says when she called up Dmitry he made up another storytelling they were not together anymore and told saying she had gone to Moscow.

Veronika Voronina photographer based out of Moscow said Kristina “a successful and very active blogger.”. Her missing was first reported by her Huband Dmitry, which had kickstarted a huge search effort. However, cops suspect if he is the reason. Currently, there is speculation that Kristina could have been forcefully injected with drugs.

Who was Kristina Zhuravleva?

Kristina Zhuravleva

Kristina Zhuravleva was a Social media Influencer, Beauty Influencer, Content Creator, and a Russian lifestyle. She worked as a teacher and later started a social media outlet. She has around 58.7K followers on her Instagram account. She often shares glamorous pictures on Instagram account.

On her social media account, she promotes many products like shampoo, moisturizing creams, and many more beauty products.

How old was Kristina Zhuravleva?

Keishla Rodríguez was born on June 22nd, 1993, and from Moscow, Russia, She was 28 years old as of 2021. We do not have much information regarding her parents. However, we will keep you updated very soon.

Who was Kristina Zhuravleva Husband?

Kristina Zhuravleva

Kristina was married to Dmitry, the couple shared a romantic picture on social media. She was found dead in a forest with ‘no signs of violence on the body. The police suspect Dmitry would be the murderer. She stands 5 feet 7 inches tall.

On June 26th, 2019, she shared a video on Instagram and captioned “Our first meeting with Dimka was in the car, as well as the second and the third The third, by the way, turned out to be the first date and the last! No, no, I didn’t vote, but he didn’t tax, it just turns out that we had a common friend who started it all …Dima took me to the station, met me from the hospital, then helped me to move, and all these three times in the car on the radio came across Yegor Creed’s hit “The Most-Most” As I remember now: “Her smile, mom, her head is spinning” I was going back and through the mirror of our eyes sometimes met and we do girls like if the song-it means to any of you, and from the ears charm nostrils, right eye, and a rod so my apparently stolen Dimkino heart on our first date (I was traveling in the front sitting ) and danced to the “Radioactive” Imagine Dragons. And now there is no trace of strangers to each other, about six months later we danced our wedding waltz, by the way, to the melody from this video Today our family is 4 years old! And the best decision in life was to say then a confident “Yes.”

On Nov 22nd, 2018, she shared a picture on Instagram and captioned “ “I already said that I love the holidays, Everything, everything, everything! And today is Thanksgiving I remember that last Thanksgiving we were in the house, painted the walls, we only had a fireplace, a light bulb and we were tired but Dimka took a break, threw a blanket by the fireplace, and covered dinner fried sausages in the fireplace, bread and gave the most tasteless sweets in my life took it because of the retro design! I love them! And it Today, we have a cozy cottage, but I hope he’ll remember the best dinner on the dirty floor and eating sausages become our tradition Congratulations, my good! I am grateful that you are with me, I read everyone and smile, And what are you grateful for today?
By the way, Happy in the photo really fell asleep.”

What was Kristina Zhuravleva Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Kristina Zhuravleva is around $500K USD.

Kristina Zhuravleva

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