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Tina Frost aka Tina Bandos is a Youtuber, Comedian, and a sister of Queen Naija, who is an American singer, songwriter, YouTuber, and singer. Recently, Queen Naija posted her son Christopher Sails Jr.’s graduation picture with her current boyfriend Clarence White. Nija’s Ex-husband reacted to the picture been posted and said he was not informed or invited to his son’s graduation. The drama began when her sister Tina Frost, who started exposing family secrets out in public via Instagram.

Tina took to Instagram and wrote, “I WASN’T AWARE NOBODY LET ME KNOW THAT MY BABY GRADUATED HAD TO FIND OUT ON SOCIAL MEDIA BUT TT PROUD AND CRYING TEARS OF JOY.” After Nina posted on Instagram stories, Naija’s current boyfriend Clarence took to Instagram and posted stating “You can’t call someone a b*tch & h*e or continuously do disrespectful sh*t and then expect a call saying ‘your son/nephew graduation is tmm’ that’s not how life works.”. Later, Clarence stopped when both the sister having a heated argument on Instagram. Tina claimed Naija’s boyfriend Clarence had disrespected their mother on several occasions and said “You’ve always chosen p***s and b**ls over your family.”

Naija finally broke her silence and told her fans her side of Storie. Since many were surprises by the Naija’s intentions for not being invited her Ex-husband Chris Sails. Naija wrote on her Instagram stories “1 thought about making a video to respond to everything. but don’t have the strength to keep mentally draining myself. I’ve got people writing me all types of hate messages. saying what a horrible mother I am. a horrible daughter. a horrible sister… but the truth is I’ve been protecting people including my family for the longest nobody knows the amount of unnecessary disrespect that I had to take in private because I don’t expose it. even through my pregnancy, I’ve provided for my family because I actually care for them and love them. given gifts out of the kindness of my heart. even after I felt unappreciated you guys come on here telling me I’m turning on the people who are the closest to me. the people who are supposed to be the closest to me. have hurt me the most. they’ve been territorial. entitled. ungrateful. they’ve lied to me. posted things to jeopardize my happiness and my household. and am here to tell you that family or not. it is unacceptable. ‘ve chosen my peace. I’ve chosen my household.

which comes first so yes. I have distanced myself yes 1 have set boundaries. due to a buildup of events that have taken place yes. that includes access to my children. I owe nobody anything. only to the 2 children, I gave birth to. I also owe none of you an explanation on why I make the decisions I make… I know deep in my heart I have the best interest for my kids. and god knows that carry a lot on my plate. and I do nothing out of spite. so when people like my sister. or my son’s father tries to come on the internet and paint out to look like the bad guy I have to set boundaries. and thaws just what I’m doing, from now on. I’m not being nice. I’m not making it easy for anyone. I’m not sticking my neck out for anyone who doesn’t do the same for me for this. I know I’ll get hate. 1 know the people close to me will dislike me. but that no longer is my issue. all bets are off from now on if you can continue to come to social media and trash me. then you are no longer family to me. the family consists of loyalty. and that. I have not seen it. reply to queennaija.”

Who is Tina Frost?

Tina Bandos
In the Mid ’20s
5 feet 8 inches tall
Net Worth
$100k to $200K USD
Reeva Bulls
Queen Naija
Terrell Stewart

Tina Frost

Tina Frost aka Tina Bandos is a Youtuber and Comedian, she runs a Youtube channel under the name “TNT SQUAD” which has 28K subscribers, the channel was started on 27 May 2020. Her Instagram boasts around 150k followers with 247 posts while writing this article. Her youtube bio read “WASSUP! WASSUP! WASSUP! It’s ya girl Tina & It’s your boy Tre! Back at it once again. We have officially agreed to get back on youtube. So to stay updated make sure you hit the subscribe button & turn on that bell! Also, Don’t forget to click the links to our Instagram Accounts!.”

How old is Tina Frost?

Tina Frost

Tina Frost is in the mid-’20s from born in Detroit, Michigan, USA, she is currently located in Detroit, Michigan. She is born to Reeva Bulls (Mother), who is an African American, and her Father’s name is not disclosed, he is from Yemen. She has siblings named Queen Naija who is an American singer, songwriter, YouTuber, and singer, and a brother named Terrell Stewart.

Who is Tina Frost Boyfriend?

Tina Frost

Tina Frost has kept her relationship status private. However, we will keep you updated once we receive any information regarding her boyfriend.

What is Tina Frost Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Tina Frost is between $100k to $200K USD.

Tina Frost

(Image Source: Tina Bandos Instagram)

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