Xeni Jardin Net Worth: How Rich is Xeni Jardin?

Xeni Jardin is an American journalist, weblogger, and digital media commentator. Recently, she made a statement that Jeffrey Epstein was gay, who died two years back but continues to garn attention, who was an American socialite, convicted sex offender, and a financier. Jardin said that the information was confirmed by sources. Not only Jeffrey Epstein was gay but she claimed Ghislaine Maxwell, the co-conspirator was also gay.

Jardin wrote “Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein are/were both gay. This is a fact, not conjecture,” continued “Ask Victoria what her secret was, for starters. But there’s plenty more where that guy came from.” Added “She wasn’t his girlfriend. The scary-looking dude who was present at her arrest might be her husband, but that ain’t the truth. I don’t know the whole story but I do know that some parts people are podcasting and substacking are pure bullshit.”

She also tweeted stating “My sources are people who were close to them. But, real talk. 1) What straight man walks around Manhattan in monogrammed bathrobes and slippers 2) only a dyke who hates dresses could wear a good dress that badly, that many times. And I do love me some dykes, don’t get it twisted.”. Many users tweeted stating “Question: if he was gay, but had Maxwell set him up with a steady supply of young women, wouldn’t that make him bi instead of just gay?” Another user said, “Sometimes, it’s all about power and fronting heteronormativity to draw influential abusers into your orbit.”

What is Xeni Jardin Net Worth?

Xeni Jardin Net Worth
$300K to $500K USD

Xeni Jardin

Xeni Jardin is an American journalist, weblogger, and digital media commentator. She was born on August 5, 1970, in Richmond, Virginia, the U.S.A, she is 50 years old. She is the former co-editor of the collaborative weblog Boing Boing. In 1980, she became the first weblogs and a pioneering internet publication and started her journalism career in 1999. Before becoming a journalist, she worked as a site editor for a travel agency. In 2001, she worked as a freelance writer for many magazines. She is the former correspondent of the National Public Radio show Day to Day.

As a reporter she worked at KCRW, PBS, CNN, NPR, MSNBC, Wired, LAT, NYT, and Guardian and also a former contributor to Wired News and Wired magazine. In 2008 for the web series SPAMasterpiece Theater, she served as an executive producer. Jordan was also the executive producer and the host of the Boing Boing recognized Video series “Webby “. In “The Age” article, she became the main source of the article talking about the cultural relevance of Wikipedia articles.

The estimated Net Worth of Xeni Jardin is between $300K to $500K USD.

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