Won Jeong Net Worth: How Rich is Won Jeong?

Won Jeong is a TikTok star, who is quite famous on social media, Won Jeong is going viral for his lipsync and singing videos. Won Jeong has garnered millions of followers all around the world. Many fans are curious to know more about Won Jeong’s Net Worth.

What is Won Jeong Net Worth?

Won Jeong Net Worth
$500K USD

WonJeong's Net Worth

Won Jeong aka Seo Won-Jeong is in the mid-’20s and was born on Nov 20th in South Korea, Won Jeong’s full legal name is Seo Won-Jeong. Won Jeong is a South Korean Tiktoker star and a social media influencer, Won Jeong is well known as a “Mamma guy” on the TikTok platform and going viral on social media for the lipsync and action videos. Won Jeong Instagram boasts 404K followers with 75 posts while writing this article. Won Jeong is popular for his funny and communicates video with the viewer. In the current TikTok ranking, Won Jeong has ranked No 3 in the United States and globally Won Jeong has ranked No 111. Won Jeong also served as an acoustic soldier in the Naval Headquarters Military Band and Won Jeong is also a Dog Walker.

On the Tiktok platform, Won Jeong has around 20.4 Million followers with 500.4 Million likes. Won Jeong rose to fame after one of his Tiktok videos went viral. Won Jeong posted a picture on Instagram for gaining 10 million followers on his Tiktok and captioned “Fortunately, thanks to the interest and love of many people, I have reached 10 million followers in a short time. Thank you to everyone who congratulated me and thank you so much that I can’t express it in words. I will try my best to show you a good image in the future. Thank you.”

Won Jeong also runs a Youtube channel under the name “ox_zung official / away man.”, Won Jeong has around 62.9 K subscribers and the channel was started on July 16th, 2019. The Youtube bio reads “Hi you beautiful people! If you’re on this page and reading this then, first of all, thank you for checking out my channel! This is the only official account of the “Mama guy” from Tik Tok- SEO WONG JEONG. Stay tuned to see different shades of me and never miss any of my amazing reaction videos.”

On Jan 11, 2019, Won Jeong shared a picture on Instagram and captioned “It was the best experience and luck of my life to serve as an acoustic soldier in the Naval Headquarters Military Band. I always remember the times when I tried to become a more advanced person. Every moment was meaningful and it is a process that everyone goes through, but I will become a person who takes this opportunity to move forward. Thanks to everyone who passed me by.”

The estimated Net Worth of Won Jeong is around $500K USD.

(Image Source: Won Jeong Instagram)

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