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Chance Brown worked as a police officer in the LAPD, businessman and well known as a husband of Tabitha Brown is an American actress and social media personality. On Thursday, July 1, 2021, his wife Tabitha slammed Wendy Williams for commenting about her husband on her daytime talk show. Recently Tabitha made a Youtube video that revealed details about her personal life and said in the video that her husband was now retiring, and Williams used a clip of this video to mock the couple. After 15 years in the department, Tabitha’s husband Chance Brown announced his retirement from the Los Angeles Police Department.

Brown said in the video “When my husband went on this journey, he felt like he could make a difference and I know that he has in his community. He has done his part. But I also know it’s time for him to dream again.”. However, Williams was not in a celebratory mood, she played a clip of the video to mock the couple and said that they will be “on real rocky ground in a moment” and Williams likened Tabitha Brown’s decision to her own life with her ex-husband Kevin Hunter during Thursday morning’s show and said I was married to one of those, ‘I make the money!’ and so on. ‘Go live your dreams! Open a business! Go, go, go!’ See how that turned out…I predict that this marriage is going to be on real rocky ground in a moment. ‘Live your dream’… They may invest in stuff and lose the money.
“They invest in something else then the money gets swindled or stolen. Then they invest again and he comes home and throws his bag down. She’s like ‘What? What?’ And he’s like, ‘I can’t do this and this is your fault. You’re over here making your money and stuff and had me quit my job.’”

However, Tabitha took to her official Instagram video, responded to Wendy with kindness. “Wendy the pain you must be in to feel this way, honey, I’m so sorry. But listen, let me tell you this. Twenty-three years I’ve been with my husband, broke for a very long time together. Struggled for a very long time together. Succeeded for the last couple of years together,” added “I was his dog in the fight and he believed in me and we did it together for the last 15 years,” further said “I did every year with him in the LAPD and he did every year with me with rejection and nos in this entertainment industry. However, God has blessed me… I’ve been praying on this for a very long time and it has now come to pass. That is the power of God. It’s also the power of allowing God to be first in your marriage. That’s how it remains successful, we keep Him first. He is the first in our marriage. Not money, not business, not a success, but God. He’s first.”

Who is Chance Brown?

Chance Brown
Mid 40’s
Net Worth
$1 Million USD
Tabitha Brown

Chance Brown

Chance Brown worked as a police officer in the LAPD, a businessman and TV personality who co-hosts the IGTV show. He is very much interested in Basketball. Through his ‘Team Chance Basketball,’ organization he teaches children aged 5-12 to build relationships via the fundamentals of basketball. After 15 years in the department, Chance Brown announced his retirement from the Los Angeles Police Department. He is very supportive of his wife and children. One he wrote on his Instagram post “For me, my family is the most important thing in my life. As a Husband and Father there is not a day that goes by where I don’t think about what I can do more, say, learn, etc to be a better man.” His Instagram boasts 73.5 K followers with 119 posts while writing this article. His Instagram bio reads “Building relationships with kids ages 5-12 thru the fundamentals of basketball!.”

How old is Chance Brown?

Chance Brown

Chance Brown is in the mid-’40s from the USA, talking about his parents we do not have much information regarding them. However, we will keep you update very soon. On Oct 4th, 2020, he shared his mother’s video on his Instagram and captioned “42 years ago there was a 16-year-old young girl. This girl was full of life and had big dreams of moving to the big city and becoming a dancer but like so many of us, she made some questionable decisions in her life which led to her dreams being put to the side. She at 16 would, unfortunately, lose both her parents at such a young age and also end up in an abusive relationship which would lead to an untimely pregnancy.

With her parents, both being gone, and knowing she could not raise her child in her current situation she still decided to GIVE ME LIFE! She never became a dancer and I’ve never heard her complain… she only talks about her misfortunes if I force her to… and she has never allowed me to use my father’s absence as an excuse for anything… today I gave her a car and she has called me to thank me 5 times already. A ca …momma you deserve the world!! I’m working on it! Enjoy your car momma and know I’m working on giving you so much more! You gave me life!.”

Who is Chance Brown Wife?

Chance Brown

Chance Brown is married to his high school sweetheart Tabitha Brown aka Tabitha Bonita Brown who is an American actress and social media personality. The couple married in 2003 and it’s been 18 years since they are together. Chance shared a picture of both on Instagram on April 19, 2020: “22 years together/ 17 married…@iamtabithabrown still looks at me the same way. I’m truly blessed. I say thank lord for allowing us to grow together and for allowing us not only to love each other but like each other as well.”. However, Chance was already the father of young Tyleah Brown from his previous relationship. The couple has two children named Choyce Brown and Queston Brown.

What is Chance Brown Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Chance Brown is around $1 Million USD.

Chance Brown

(Image Source: Chance Brown Instagram)

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