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Chanell Clark is the mother of late Matima Miller the Tiktok star who is known as a Swavy and Babyface.S. Late Tiktok stars family has criticized Wendy Williams after she made light of his death in her show. Swavy has died after being shot in Wilmington, Delaware on Monday. Police responded to an emergency call at about 10:42 a.m. Monday and found an initially unidentified young man with a gunshot wound. A media outlet reported, he was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital but where he died. The YouTube star Damaury “Kid Mauri” Mikula announced the death of his news, he wrote “Yeah, my friend Swavy, man — he got shot,” Mikula revealed, wiping tears from his eyes with his red T-shirt. “All he did was make videos — vids, vids, vids, going up, up, up, up.” The dancer’s friend said: “He got shot and I just want to let you all know that I’m about to take over for that n*****. All he did was make videos bro. He is real as hell.” After the tragic death, Williams apparently seemed to mock his murder and did not treat his death respectfully on her TV show. Currently, the late TikTok star mother Chanell Clark and his brother are demanding an apology from Wendy Williams.

Who is Chanell Clark?

Chanell Clark
Net Worth
$50K USD
Late Matima Miller and Rahkim Miller
Mid 30's

Chanell Clark

Chanell Clark is the mother of late Matima Miller the Tiktok star who is known as a Swavy and Babyface.S. The mourning mother told TMZ, “I had to lay there with my son… and I asked God, why did you let me see that. And I had to think about that he wouldn’t anyone else to be down there with him but his mom. I had to see my son down there shot up. To see something like that as a mother, literally messes you up,” further added “Wendy Williams as a mother, how do you put a child out there like that. Nobody knew him like that … My son shouldn’t have been shot down in the street like that for someone to recognize who he is… I deserve an apology. But at this point, I’m so pissed off… because you did him like like… I’m looking for an apology. I do want an apology. But at the same time, I’m pissed with Wendy.” Williams asked her to show her audience to “clap” if they knew who the late TikToker was, after a little reaction from the audience, Williams then asked her colleagues on the show if they knew him to which they said no. The broadcaster then said she had “no idea who this person is” and neither does “one person in this building.”

Matima Miller’s brother Rahkim also slammed Williams He said, “Wendy has always been a messy person. That’s what her life consists of – this gossip and reporting stories. But this isn’t just any other story. This is not a highlight. This is not a Hot Topic. This is our real life. We’re dealing with this in reality. So for her to speak on the events surrounding my brother’s death before she reached out to our family. She didn’t send condolences. She didn’t even report the right stories. It’s one thing to take public knowledge and put it out there, but you gave a false narrative you gave a false story.” Rahkim added “You painted him as a thug, as a drug dealer, as someone who was trying to be in the streets… and that wasn’t the type of person that he was…As a Black woman and as a Black mother, you didn’t have any empathy at all for my family… words cannot explain how I feel. I’m so angry. I’m so upset. I’m sad. It’s just a lot going on.”

How old is Chanell Clark?

Chanell Clark

Chanell Clark is in the Mid ’30s from Wilmington, DE. We do not have much information regarding her parent’s information. However, we will keep you updated very soon.

Who is Chanell Clark Husband?

Chanell ClarkChanell Clark is married and we do not have much information regarding her husband. She has two children late Matima Miller and Rahkim Miller.

What is Chanell Clark Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Chanell Clark is around $50K USD.

Chanell Clark

(Image Source: Dailymail, Matima Miller Instagram)

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