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Tina Bean is 22 years old OnlyFans model, she used to earn $2000 per month before her account was hacked, now Tina can make only $50 per week and even lost all of her followers. It all begins in January 2021, Tina lost control of her Onlyfan’s account after the hacker successfully seized control of her account. Initially, they blackmailed her for $150 but then they leaked all her pictures on another Adult platform, but this did not end here. Soon the hacker began uploading horrifying videos of ISIS and they even spammed more than 40 of her fans with the N-word. In an interview with BBC, Tina said “I kept deleting them and changing my password but kept getting locked out of my account,” and added, “They seemed terrifying.” Furthermore, Tina said her account has been hacked repeatedly in January until she reported to the OnlyFans and they disabled her account temporarily, but the company said they failed to detect any racial slur because it was pluralized by the system. In the wake of this incident, the company said their system has now been upgraded and will review the account before restoring it.

Who is Tina Bean?

Tina Bean

Tina Bean is an Adult Model and Social media personality, her main source of income is from Onlyfans, and used to earn around $2000K per month before her account was taken down by hackers. On Social, she goes by the name tinabeeeean, on Instagram she has around 363 followers and 381 followers on Twitter. On Instagram, her bio reads “The mint dispensary ambassador, professional pothead, dog groomer in training, food connoisseur and an aunt to two amazing kiddos.” On Feb 7th, 2021, Tina took to Instagram and revealed that she is deleting her onlyfans and wrote “I’m sorry for everyone that got affected by this. My hacker is a disgusting human whoever he is. He threatened to hack my bank accounts. So I had to delete my account. Hmu if you need individual content. Again, I’m really sorry for anyone who was affected.”

Before taking down her onlyfans, she wrote “I’m so so sorry I got hacked once again, I’m deleting my account hmu on my social media’s if you want some independent content. This is out of control. I’ve changed my logins 100+ times. I can’t take this anymore I’m so sorry. Instagram is @cnrt or @tinabeeeean Twitter is @trodriguez69 I’m so f*****g sorry everyone. And whatever pics or videos that got leaked, you can have them. They’re already leaked so fuck it. It’s the risk of the business. My heart is truly broken bc onlyfans has helped me pay so many bills but this is something I no longer have control of. Thank you everyone for all your help. I truly appreciate every single one of you.” On June 18th, Tina updated about the Onlyfans account, she wrote “I got a new ID but it’s a paper id and onlyfans doesn’t take those so I’m waiting for my id to come in the mail. This s*it ain’t over I’m coming back thiccer & better. I’m on my way to Ohio and will be making hella new contentttt.” Besides this, Tina is also affiliated with The Mint Cannabis.

How old is Tina Bean?

Tina Bean

Tina Bean was born on July 24, 1999, and from Phoenix, Arizona, she is 22 years old. There is not much information about her parents, but Tina has a sister named Ashly. On October 15th, 2018 she took to Instagram and shared her sister’s picture and wrote “I love you so much, sister. I fell asleep doing this last night lmao I’m sorry. But happy birthday sis. I’m proud asf of you. You really got your shit together. And look at you, graduated, with a three-bedroom house, a puppy, and a baby on the way. Like sis, our lives are finally starting. This is what we’ve been excited about, for years. I love you sis and while everything in this world changes I’m glad that you’re still the same VERY special sister that means the world to me. I don’t know what I would do without you.” Recently, Tina lost her grandpa and in March 2019 she wrote on Instagram “I miss you so damn much. This is the first time I’ve been in Arizona since you died and I don’t know how to explain this feeling, but it hurts. I miss your laugh. I miss you talking to me about whatever was going on at the living facility. I miss everything. I miss you so much. I do not understand how to deal with this whatsoever but all I know is that I miss you with my whole heart and can’t believe you’re truly gone forever. Miss you so much grandpa.”

What is Tina Bean Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Tina Bean is between $5k to $10k USD.

Tina Bean

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