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BambinoBecky aka Rebecca Amy James is 23 years old Social media personality, and Youtuber, on Instagram she boasts 197k followers during the time of writing. Becky shot to fame after KSI tweeted about her, on Jan 2019 in the tweet he wrote “Found 2 U.K female Youtubers that I actually enjoy watching @bambinobecky @EleanorxNeale.” Within a few days she hit 100k subscribers on Youtube, before KSI Tweet she had around 13k subscribers and now Becky is very close to 400k subscribers.

Who is BambinoBecky?

April 26, 1998
23 years old
5 feet 3 inches tall


BambinoBecky is a Youtuber and joined the platform on Aug 18, 2013, she uploaded her first video titled “THAT FIRST VLOG | BambinoBecky,” on September 8th, 2013 and the description reads “Have you ever tried speaking in front of a camera? IT’S HORRIFYING. Pleaseeee Subscribe guys!:))) HERE’S TO THE FUTURE Y’ALL x.” From a very young age she wanted to be a Youtuber before she made her career in the Youtube world she worked as a waitress, initially, Becky has around 10k subscribers on Youtube. After the KSI tweet she gained around 100k subscribers within a week, now she’s sitting on 395k subscribers during the time of writing. Later, she appeared on JaackMaate’s ‘The Happy Hour’ podcast and revealed how that one tweet changed her career path, in the podcast Jack asked Becky about KSI “What is the KSI stuff that you talk about?” and she replied “I remember I was working, and I said I can’t do YouTube and waitressing at the same time. So I was like, I’ll just sack off YouTube then and try make some money because I’m skint,” and she continued “Then I went on the True Geordie podcast. Then a couple of months passed… and I woke up and KSI tweeted me and (fellow YouTuber) Eleanor Neale. All he did was say ‘just found my two favorite female YouTubers’ and from then on I hit 100,000.”

Cut too short, Becky is now a good friend with KSI and Sidemen group and even she appeared on Sidemen Tinder videos. Also, she is appearing in the Chefasylum along with Chunkz, Filly, and Jack Fowler, in the brand new season they will have to cook for each other, and based on their presentation, taste, and creativity they will earn points. Coming back to her youtube career, the most-watched video on her channel is “Strong Ones With Talia Mar & Gee Nelly,” and “The Moment I Became Best Mates With KSI.” Besides this, she also streams on Twitch with 30.6k followers, on May 4th, 2020 Becky raised $14,182 to Ward D at Neath Port Talbot Hospital, and in the first 13 minutes, she was able to raise £500. Later, she took to Twitter and wrote “cannot believe my eyes. at midday, I set a goal of raising £500 for my mum’s hospital. 12 hours later we reach a grand total of $14,182.00 (around £11,373.00) and I’m SOBBING on stream. we did that and I am genuinely, for the first time in my life, lost for words.”

How old is BambinoBecky?


BambinoBecky was born on April 26, 1998, and from Wales, UK, she is 23 years old. Talking about her family there is not much information about her father, mother, and siblings.

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