Jennifer Rubin Net Worth: How Rich is Jennifer Rubin?

Jennifer Rubin is an American political commentator. Recently, she was slammed for celebrating a drop in the White US population. Since 2010 white-alone population fell by 8.6% according to The US census bureau. Jennifer Rubin tweeted stating, “A more diverse, more inclusive society. This is fabulous news. Now we need to prevent minority White rule.” Many of the user were anger at the columnist and sent hate comments. One user said “Jennifer Rubin always hated White people & doesn’t believe in God at all. I’m glad you noticed this!”, another tweet read “Would Jennifer Rubin support Jews becoming a minority in Israel? Would she support Arab majority rule over Jews? If yes, she’s at least consistent (if self-hating). If no, she’s just hostile to Gentile whites. Just an ordinary racist,” while another tweet said “People like Jennifer Rubin hate the white race but then want to be an expert in what nation-building project our children should be sent to die in next,” another user wrote “Amazing how someone like Jennifer Rubin can be wrong on almost every single thing she comments on and still hold a job. What a clown.”

What is Jennifer Rubin Net Worth?

Jennifer Rubin Net Worth

$5 Million to $8 Million USD

 Jennifer Rubin

Jennifer Rubin is an American political commentator. She was born in 1962 in the USA, she was 60 years old. He worked at Commentary, The Weekly Standard, PJ Media, and Human Events. She graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, and received B.A. and J.D. She served as a labor and employment lawyer in Los Angeles at Hollywood studios for over 20 years. Her work has been published in media outlets including New York Post, National Review, The Jerusalem Post, New York Daily News, and Politico. She became a vocal critic of President Donald Trump. In Sep 2020, she announced she was no longer served as a conservative.

The estimated Net Worth of Jennifer Rubin is between $5 Million to $8 Million USD.

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