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Brother Polight aka Michael Noak made a name for himself as a Motivational Speaker, Influencer, and Writer, till now he has written 90 books. In mid-August 2021, his name was trending on Twitter but this time for the wrong reason, Brother Polight has been accused of raping his girlfriend’s fourteen-year-old daughter and there are some rumors of his arrest on various social media. According to the source, Brother Polight has been charged for raping his girlfriend’s fourteen-year-old daughter in a hotel room. Roacho, 31 is the Girlfriend of Brother Polight and as well as the mother of 14 years old daughter, the duo were dating for over a year now. Roacho allowed Brother Polight to take her daughter to the after party so that he can reconstruct the relationship between mother and daughter, he took her to Club E11EVEN which is located on 29th northeast 11th street Miami but the club was closed and then he took her to the hotel room in Miami.

Later, Brother Polight gave her some alcoholic beverages and then began dancing, he then touched her inappropriately and sexually abused her until she lost consciousness. After the 14 years old gained consciousness, he took her to her mother’s hotel who was staying in another hotel in Miami, but Roacho found her daughter was under influence of an unknown drug and her lips were swollen badly. Soon after, Roacho took her 14 years old daughter to Mount Sinai Hospital and then she was transferred to the Rape treatment center in Miami, all the required evidence was collected and then sent to Miami Dade county forensic lab, and in the report obtained the victim had a total of six s*men stains. On August 8th 2021, the Miami Dade county forensic lab confirmed that the s*men were found on the victim matched Brother Polight.

Who is Brother Polight aka Michael Noak?

Brother Polight
38 years old
Net Worth
$4 Million to $7 Million USD

Brother Polight

Brother Polight is 38 years old influencer, Writer, Motivational Speaker, on Instagram, he boasts 310k followers and his bio reads “Brother POLIGHT Wrote 90+Books.” At the age of 18, he was a part of a gang and was sent to prison due to his criminal activity, then he made a name for himself in the black community by influencing and motivating others. Till now, Brother Polight has written 90 books and also founded the humanitarian community Nu-Covenant. Besides this, Brother Polight can speak seven languages and has 108k plus subscribers of his Youtube channel, his channel bio reads “Here is a first amendment Humanitarian forum where we can identify the pitfalls of capitalism and implementing resolve by way of organizing ideas and people with common interests to diffuse a host of social anomalies.” On his channel, the most-watched video is “POLIGHT’S Wives and Children speak (Polygyny, Homeschool, Fatherhood, Leadership),” during the time of writing it has been over 369k times. In a 2017 interview with DJ Vlad, Brother Polight said he has 4 wives and 4 children.

How old is Brother Polight aka Michael Noak? What’s his Age

Brother Polight

Brother Polight aka Michael Noak was born in 1983, which means he is 38 years old.

What is Brother Polight aka Michael Noak Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Brother Polight is between $4 Million to $7 Million USD.

Brother Polight

(Image Source: Brother Polight Instagram)

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