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Kim Joo-Ryoung is a South Korean actress and best known for her role in the Memories Of Murder and SF8. In the South Korean Drama the Squid Game she played the character of Han Mi-Nyeo aka Player Number 212, the series is written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk and was released worldwide in September 17, 2021. Moreover, the Squid Game became the most streamed south Korean drama ever on NetFlix, Kim Joo-Ryoung in this series plays the role of a mysterious and manipulative woman who claims to be a poor single mother. In the final episode of the Squid Game, it has been unveiled that Oh II-nam is the man and creator of this game and it stunned the fans, one user wrote “The old man… giving him the last marble he had even though he knows he’s been fooling him to get his marbles,” and then another wrote, “If y’all finished squid game y’all know this old man is one nasty spirited mummy.”

Who is Kim Joo-Ryoung?

Kim Joo-Ryoung

Kim Joo-Ryoung
September 10, 1976
45 years old
Name NA

Kim Joo-Ryoung started her career as a model and participated in the 1999 Miss Chunhyang pageant and was placed fourth, she attended South Korea’s Dongguk University and studied drama and film. In 2000, Kim Joo-Ryoung made her film debut with Plum Blossom as Werther. Later, she appeared in the South Korean horror film, Sorum and played the role of Yong Hyun’s mother. Following next, she played the character of the nurse in the 2003 film Memories of Murder, and in 2015 she appeared in two films You Are My Sunshine and Mr. Housewife. Furthermore, Kim Joo-Ryoung appeared in several films including One Shining Day, Four Horror Tales: Roommate as Teacher No.2, No Mercy for the Rude as Hunchback Woman, Paradise Murdered as Ghost, Texture of Skin as Jae Hee, My Dear Enemy as So Yeon’s mother, Handphone as Eum Sung, I’m in Trouble as Soon Ae, Re-encounter as Hwa Young, Silenced as Yoon Ja-ae, Sleepless Night as Joo Hee.

From 2017 to 2020, Kim Joo-Ryoung went on to play supporting roles in films such as Bluebeard, The Mayor, Land of Happiness, Feng Shui, Spring Again, By Quantum Physics: A Nightlife Venture, The Snob, and Collectors. In 2021, she plays the character of Doctor in the film Recalled, a South Korean mystery-thriller film directed by Seo Yoo-min and starring Seo Yea-Ji, Kim Kang-woo, and Yeom Hye-ran. Looking at her Television career, she made her TV debut in 2017 as Young Sook in the Andante. In 2018, she appeared in four TV series including Queen of Mystery 2 as Won-Jae’s mother, Mr. Sunshine as Sun Heon, The Ghost Detective as Gil Chae-won’s mother, Sky Castle as No Seung-Hye’s older sister. Then, in 2019 Kim appeared in five TV series such as Babel, Welcome to Waikiki 2, Voice, Doctor John, and Drama Stage. In 2020, she appeared in When My Love Blooms as Sung Hwa-jin and Kingmaker: The Change of Destiny as Joo Mo. In 2022, her next series Sabotage City will be released in which she will be playing the character of Go Seon-mi. Besides this, Kim played the role of Doctor in the 2020 web series named The School Nurse Files.

How old is Kim Joo-Ryoung?

Kim Joo-Ryoung

Kim Joo-Ryoung was born on September 10, 1976, and from South Korea, she is 45 years old.

Who is Kim Joo-Ryoung Husband?

Kim Joo-Ryoung is married to a university professor, the couple shares a daughter.

Kim Joo-Ryoung

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