Who is Shubha Vedula? Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Height, Boyfriend

Shubha Vedula is an Indian American Songwriter, Singer, and Social media personality, since she’s quite famous on social media, her fans are curious to know more about her Personel Life, Career, and Relationship Status, so wasting any time let’s delve on it.

Who is Shubha Vedula?

Shubha Vedula


Shubha Vedula




25 years old

Net Worth

$400k to $700K USD


5 feet 5.5 inches tall

Shubha Vedula is a first-generation Indian-American, at the age of 17 she auditioned for the Season 12 of American Idol but didn’t make the Top 20 Girls. Shubha rose to fame after imitating Shakira’s voice to order pizza. In the TikTok video, Shubha has seen imitating Shakira’s iconic singing voice and eventually manages to complete her order, on Youtube her video received 12 Million views during the time of writing. In the video “Ordering Pizza as Shakira,” the person from the Dominos answer the call and says “Hey thanks for calling Dominos, is this for pickup or delivery?,” Shubha imitates the singer’s voice says “I want a pizza. Lo Quiero entregado Aqui (which means I want it delivered here),” but the person on the other side didn’t get what she said “Mam, I’m sorry can you repeat that? I didn’t quite understand it I’m sorry.” To which Shubha imitating Shakira said, “That’s okay I said I want a pizza and I want it delivery yea.” So he asked “Um… what toppings?,” she replied, “I Just want jalapenos, medium size.” Then, he asked “Jalapenos, medium-sized pizza. Anything else I cant get you?” Shubha replied, “No no no no no, No no no no no no.” Later, the Dominos guy chuckled and asked “Can I get the address?,” Shubha replied, “Tell them to send it to Shakira, Shakira.” He then went on to ask “Is this actually Shakira, are you serious?,” at this moment Shubha couldn’t control her laughter and finally said “Yea I told you twice, I want a pizza slice, can you get it to me boy,” he then bursts into laughter and said, “Wait! what the fu*k.” On August 12th, 2021, Shakira took to Instagram and responded to Shubha, in the video Shakira responded to Shubha’s order and also captioned “Hello @shubamusic, can I take your order please?.” On the same post, Shubha left a comment “Ummm, Miss Shakira, thank you, I adore you, can we collaborate one day? Someone pinch me – crying.”

On Youtube she has 471k subscribers during the time of writing, on July 7th, 2021 she released her official music video titled “Shuba – Indian Summer,” till now its been viewed over 974k times. On January 13, 2021, she released the song ‘I Bet’ on Youtube, and during the time of writing its was viewed over 1.12 million times. Furthermore, Shubha’s other songs are Never GO Back, Eye to Eye, Not Like Them, Blue Fantasy, and Gimme Gimme. On March 31st, 2020 she uploaded the song “Queen – Hammer To Fall | Shuba & Brian May Cover,” it was a challenge posted by Brian to all the singers. On April 3rd, 2020, she took to Instagram and shared her excitement that Brian himself commented on her video which reads “This is great, dear Shuba !!! I Like your singing !!! Thanks for joining me !!! Taje care and rocj on ! Bri.” Also, Shubha wrote “So because of your help, along with that of some little birdies, @brianmayforreal, one of my idols, actually saw my video of me singing @freddiemercury ‘s part with him. This meant so much to me and I can’t thank you all enough for your help. he is the closest thing to Freddie, aside from Freddie’s sister and Mary, and somehow hearing from him makes me feel a little closer to Freddie -PS Brian and I write our exclamation points the same way !.” On TikTok, she goes by the name ‘TikTokBrownChick.’ On Instagram, she boasts 508k followers and her bio reads “You can never tell a brown baddie to quit.” Also, she is partnered with Amazon, Bounty, EA, and Lenovo.

How old is Shubha Vedula?

Shubha Vedula

Shubha Vedula was born in 1995 and is from LA, USA, she is 25 years old. However, there is not much information about her father and mother but has a sister named Priya Vedula.

Who is Shubha Vedula Boyfriend?

Shubha Vedula

We do not know if she is currently dating or Single. However, we will keep you updated once we receive any information regarding her love life.

How Rich is Shubha Vedula?

The estimated Net Worth of Shubha Vedula is between $400k to $700K USD.

Shubha Vedula

(Image Source: Shubha Vedula Instagram)

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