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FTN Bae is a Singer, Musical Artist, Dancer, and Social media personality. On October 28th, 2021, she accused her ex-boyfriend Doodie Lo of sexually assaulting and molesting her five-year-old son. Doodie Lo aka Big Doodie Lo aka Davis Saulassberry is a Rapper, Musician, and OTF Member. On Instagram FTN Bae explained “[Warning] What your hearing is my 5 year old son Wesley cry to me about what my ex boyfriend @otf_doodielo (david) did to him. For the last 2 months my son was pooping in his pants it was so bad i had to put diapers back on him. October 1st my son finally told me what had happened to him. i’m thankful to God because a lot of kids DONT speak up because they were scared just like my son. I have been dealing with this for almost a month and its been the hardest thing I HAVE EVER HAD TO DO IN MY LIFE & I WILL NOT remain quit for one more second.”

Later, she added “August 6th i had a show in Orlando & @otf_doodielo was at my house along with my roommate and my son and his 3 year old cousin. Once i left this SICK man welted 3 screws (that he found in my toolbox) and shoved them up my sons anus. Scared and afraid my son hid the screws outside so he “couldn’t find it & do it again” and never told me about it. He was trying to be sooo tough that he dealt with this for 2 months and it clearly was AFFECTING him. NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS i would think this would be my story (“my boyfriend sexually assaulting my son”) My son and my life will never be the same. This is not a sympathy post or a clout post this is simply me a heartbroken mother WHO IS DOING EVERYTHING i can do for justice for MY SON ! While i’m patiently waiting for the police to complete there investigation I NEEDED to speak up and expose this SICK MAN to warn other females with kids and maybe other girls who dealt with him should talk to there kids. This couldn’t have been his first time but he picked the right family to fuck with. You just never know who people really are & what there capable of. Stay blessed.” People are demanding justice and stand by FTN Bae, in the meantime Doodie has turned off the comment on his Instagram.

Who is FTN Bae?





June 3, 1995


26 years old

Net Worth

$300k o $500k USD


Doodie Lo (Ex)


5 feet 3 inches tall

FTN Bae is an Independent Artist and has a self-entitled Youtube channel with 11k subscribers. She uploaded her first music video “CurlyyRed Only Up From Here Dir by @LegitCreationsEnt 1,” on September 23rd, 2018. On May 11th, 2021 she uploaded “FTN BAE ‘FOR THE STREETS’ (Dir By Versus Visualz),” it’s been viewed over 268k times during the time of writing. Then, FTN released “NEVER BE FRIENDS,” on June 8th, 2021 and it received 100k views. Furthermore, she released several songs including B*tch You Gookin, Lay It Down, Flexin, Gossip, Cut Up Curlyy, Drippin Like A Faucet, FTN Bae- Pop It, BAE, PSA, Please Don’t Go, Flexing, Money, BBA, On Sight, Savage, Shake’em Both, Alarm, On Sight, Did It On Em Freestyle, and Only Up From Here. Also, she sells her merch on ftnbae.com, looking at her site FTN Hoodie for $40, FTN T-shirt for $20, FTN Duffle Bag for $55, and many more. Previously, she went by the name Curly Red but since Feb 2021, she goes by FTN Bae where FTN stands for “forget the negativity.”

How old is FTN Bae?


FTN Bae was born on June 3, 1995, and from Maryland, USA, she is 26 years old. However, there is not much information about her father, mother, and siblings.

Who is FTN Bae Boyfriend?

Doodie Lo

Earlier, FTN Bae dated Doodie Lo aka Big Doodie Lo aka Davis Saulassberry is a Rapper, Musician, and OTF Member. On October 28th, 2021 she accused her ex-boyfriend of sexually assaulting and molesting her five-year-old son.

How Rich is FTN Bae?

The estimated Net Worth of FTN Bae is between $300k to $500k USD.


(Image Source: FTN Bae Instagram)

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