Who was Feminist Activist Marisol Cuadras? Wiki, Biography, Age, and More

Marisol Cuadras was a student at the Center for Technological Studies in Guaymas and was also a member of the feminist collective “Feminists of the Sea.” On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Marisol was shot to death by the gunmen, according to the report the gunmen intended target was Andrés Humberto Cano Ahuir, a Navy captain and now the police chief. Admiral Rafael Ojeda, secretary of the Navy said “Unfortunately, there was collateral damage.” This incident took place on Thursday in Guaymas, from the source on an average of 10 women are found dead/murdered daily.

Who was Marisol Cuadras?

Marisol Cuadras

Marisol Cuadras was a student at the Center for Technological Studies in Guaymas, on Instagram she has 3.6k followers during the time of writing and her bio reads “I am a little girl who dreams big and in being able to fulfill all my projects Guaymas, Son || XVIII ||.” Her last post on Instagram was on November 2nd, 2021, she shared her picture in which she was wearing a green top and black pants and captioned “I looked fabulous last night, I fell in love with myself.” Recently, Marisol took part in the peaceful seizure of the municipal palace for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women but unfortunately, she was gunned down, and her mother Teresita said in an interview.

“They killed my daughter in the middle of the municipal palace expressing their disagreement,” and added, “Everyone knows, yes, I am the mother of that woman, one more, she was only 18 years old.” Later, she continued “I am a mother who has lost the most in a demonstration, the most important thing that can be had in this life, a child, I am the mother of another victim.” Then, Teresita concluded the statement with “I raise my voice in your name, my love, for the right to freedom of expression without violence, I raise my voice for injustice, I raise my voice for everyone who has left, rest in peace.” Tributes are pouring in on social media, the Sonoran Feminist Network wrote “It is a direct attack on Sonoran women, we demand a stop to violence; our sisterhood to the family and to our colleagues from the feminist collectives of Guaymas, to the members of the Feminista del Mar collective,” and added, “We demand full guarantees of protection for our work as activists and defenders of the human rights of girls and women in Sonora.”

How old was Marisol Cuadras?

Marisol Cuadras

Marisol Cuadras was 18 years old during her time of death, she is survived by her mother, Teresita. On May 15th, 2021, Marisol shared her picture on Instagram and wrote a length post “I love every part of my body, every stretch mark, cellulite, every detail I love it and nobody will make me change my mind, it is a very long process that many people must go through to feel full with ourselves, that I love my body not It means that I am not working to keep improving and feel more and more satisfied with it. I will never censor my body.”

(Image Source: Marisol Cuadras Instagram)

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