Interview with Social Media Personality Justine DiVanna

Hey folks!! I am Madhuri Shetty, I had an opportunity to interview the well-known Tiktok star, TV Host, Content Creator, and licensed Celebrity Makeup artist Justine DiVanna. In the article, you will get to know about your favorite Tiktok star. Before jumping into the Q&A, here is a little summary. DiVanna is a Social Media Personality, Model, Licensed Celebrity Makeup, Content Creator, Instagram Influencer, Hairstylist, and TikTok Star. She has worked with major companies & networks such as MTV, Life & Style Weekly, Univision, & Good Housekeeping Magazine BET, TLC, Rotten Tomatoes, and Fandango. She is also a Barbicide & BBP certified Permanent Makeup Artist specializing in Microblading, Lash Lifts, & PMU training at Beauty Blade Ink. Follow Justine DiVanna on Instagram.

Q. What Has Been The Proudest Moment In Your Career So Far?

Having my “Dude’s Have No Idea What No Makeup Is” series go viral on TikTok was pretty freaking cool! Also, interviewing celebrities on red carpets like America’s Got Talent, The Voice, and the “La La Land” premiere was super exciting!

Q. What Makes You Happy?

My career is my passion. I genuinely love doing it! But most importantly my family and friends. They are what put a smile on my face every single day.

Q. If You Weren’t Famous, What Would You Be Up To Right Now?

I def. don’t consider myself famous lol but if I wasn’t creating content and doing makeup professionally, I would still be doing makeup! I also am a permanent makeup artist and TV/red carpet host, so I would definitely be doing those as well.

Q. Are you in a relationship?

Nope! Single and enjoying every second of it

Q. What Are You Good At?

I’m good at my job! I genuinely have a passion for all things beauty, and I put my all into everything I do.

Q. What Is One Thing People May Be Surprised To Find Out About You?

I’m very sensitive! I’m a very loud and outgoing person, so a lot of people assume I’m a little harder then I am.

Q. As a kid, What Did You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Not joking, a makeup artist and hairstylist! I’ve known I wanted to be in the beauty industry ever since I can remember going to the salon and getting my first haircut!!

Q. What Do You Like Doing In Your Spare Time?

I know it sounds so generic but I genuinely love hanging out with family and friends, binge watching our favorite TV shows, and spending time together.

Q. How Much Do You Work Out?

I try to do at 15 minutes of yoga everyday. I HATE working out with a passion, so I’m really happy I found something that I actually like to do!

Q. How Many Other Languages Do You Speak?

I only speak English, but I would love to learn more! I took Spanish for a few years in high school but I failed miserably lol.

Q. What is Your Greatest Fear?

Failure, losing my friends, and Arachnids

Q. What Was Your Most Embarrassing Moment?

Well it use to be passing away, but I’ve been reading about a lot of near death experiences which has really given me faith and changed my entire perspective on life. I’m honestly not afraid of much anymore! Besides heights… that still freaks me out!

Q. Who Is Your Celebrity Crush?

I honestly don’t have one! I like very normal and wholesome men, which I hope to find someday soon!

Q. What Is The Important Lesson Life As Though You?

Wow there’s so many, but I think the number one thing I’ve learned is to always be yourself. Energy is real, and If you don’t have confidence in who you are others will definitely be able to feel it.

Q. Who Is Your Favorite Actor/Actress?

My favorite actor is Jim Carey hands down. He has my exact same sense of weird humor, and I’ve been a huge fan of his ever since I first saw Liar Liar!

Q. What Is Your Favorite Color?

Baby pink

Q. What is your Height?


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