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Tash Peterson aka V-gan Booty is a Youtuber, Social media personality, Instagram influencer, and founder of the V-gan Clan clothing line. Lately, she made the headlines after her video went viral on social media, in the video one farmer was seen dragging Tash off an animal pen. According to the report, this incident took place at Perth’s Royal Show. In the video circulating on social media, Tash trespassed the event and protested for the treatment of animals. One farmer rushed towards her and grabbed her t-shirt and shorts and in the process, her buttocks were exposed on camera. Soon after, Tash took to social media and was unhappy at the police for not taking any action and wrote “@wa_police just called me to notify me that they will not be pressing charges to the farmer who manhandled me at the Perth Royal Show in October this year. In this protest, I entered an arena where cattle were being objectified and judged based on their bodies to be used for flesh consumption. This assault resulted in bruising all over my body and in my groin region due to the force of lifting me by my pants, which exposed my buttocks and the forceful slamming of my body into the fence. The police officer told me that because I was trespassing (I have not been charged trespass for this protest), he used reasonable force to remove me from the arena. He told me that the animals are easily frightened and can cause death, so I was being removed for safety. As you can see in the footage, I was clearly not being removed for safety as I was thrown around and slammed into a fence.”

Later, she added “If they are concerned about safety, those animals wouldn’t be subjected to such abuse and be forced into this situation in the first place. They don’t care about safety, they care about making money from animal abuse and murder. I have also attached footage when I was assaulted by a butcher in December 2020, where again charges weren’t pressed because I was “disrupting his business”. In the legislation, reasonable force can only be used if a business owner/staff has asked that person to leave if they have refused. On both occasions, I was not asked to leave. I was also recently assaulted by three male staff members at the Boatshed Market in Cottesloe where police dismissed my report after watching the CCTV footage. Again, no one had asked me to leave. Bystanders watched my assault in shock pleading for the men to stop hurting me – “you can’t do that to her! Let her go!”. Over one hundred years ago, women fighting for their rights were beaten in public by police officers and men. Decades ago, homosexuals were beaten and assaulted and police officers dismissed their assaults simply because of their sexuality. Today, animal rights activists are assaulted and even murdered. Whatever violence we face, we will always continue the fight for animal rights.”

Who is Tash Peterson?


Tash Peterson


November 21, 1993


28 years old


Jack Higgs

Net Worth

$100K to $300K USD


5 feet 3 inches tall

Tash Peterson is a Youtuber and boasts 9.82K subscribers during the time of writing, she started her channel on Jan 15, 2009, and her bio reads “My mission is to bring to light the atrocities that are occurring in the meat, dairy, and egg industries that enslave nonhuman animals. I am calling for the abolition of animal slavery and the animal holocaust. Please see “Dominion Movement” on YouTube and “Seaspiracy” on Netflix.” Tash uploaded her first video on Sep 2, 2009, and the most-watched video on her channel is ‘ANGRY BUTCHER DRAGS VEGAN OUT OF STORE,’ it was uploaded on December 25th, 2020, and its been viewed over 191K times during the time of writing. In her career, she was involved in several controversies. In Feb 2021, her TikTok account was banned and had 157K followers. Later, on July 3rd, 2021, she uploaded a video on Youtube titled ‘CRAZY VEGAN POURS BLOOD ON THE FLOOR IN KFC,’ as of December 2021 her video gained 89k views. In September 2021, her Instagram was banned for violating guidelines but now her account is back live again, on Instagram she has 11k followers and her bio reads “If you’re not vegan, you’re an animal abuser. End the Animal Holocaust.”

In Feb 2020, she ran across the field with a flag on AFLW (Australia’s national semi-professional Australian rules football league for female players) the writing on the flag read “RIGHT TO RESCUE” later she was fined $1,800 and banned from the rest of the game for three years. Besides, Tash also has an OnlyFans account and provides four different subscription plans including $9.74 for 31 days, $35.98 for three months with 20% off, $62.96 for six months with 30% off, $107.93 for twelve months with 40% off. Also, she has an account on Patreon and provide 11plus plans and ranging from $3 to $200 per month, where she describer herself as “I am a passionate animal rights activist based in Perth, Western Australia. I aspire to become a full-time activist focusing on direct action and creating online content on TikTok and YouTube,” and added “I participate in nonviolent disruptive activism to expose the dark underbelly of animal agriculture and create awareness of the inherent cruelty within the animal agricultural industries. I aim to do at least one disruption per month, and have a goal to do them more often once I am able to have more support.” Then, continued “I have been well known for my supermarket disruptions where I have dressed as a slaughterhouse worker and have ran onto a football field with a ‘Right to Rescue’ flag. I believe that civil disobedience and direct action is essential to achieve animal liberation and have received hundreds messages in the past several months from people telling me that my actions have inspired them to go vegan.”

How old is Tash Peterson?

Tash Peterson was born on November 21, 1993, in Australia, she is 28 years old. However, there is not much information about her father, mother, and siblings.

Who is Tash Peterson Boyfriend?

Tash Peterson is in a relationship with Jack Higgs, an Animal Rights Activist. On Instagram, Tash quite often shared her boyfriend’s pictures. However, we have no information about her previous relationship and dating life.

How Rich is Tash Peterson?

The estimated Net Worth of Tash Peterson is between $100K to $300K USD.

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