Who is Karoline Bjornelykke? Interview with Norwegian Model

Hey folks!! I am Nithi Shetty, I had an opportunity to interview Karoline Bjornelykke, a Norwegian model, and Social Media personality. Lately, she shot to fame after her TikTok video “fat suit” went viral, in the video, Karoline revealed how using the fat suit to look plus size for clothing brands. Later, in the video, she suggested the brands hire real plus-sized models. On Instagram, Karoline Bjornelykke goes by the name ‘redkaroline,’ and boasts 21.2k followers during the time of writing. Follow Karoline Bjornelykke on Instagram.

Q. What was your reaction after your TikTok video ‘fat suit’ went Viral?

I think it’s fun that it went viral and happy that I’m reaching out to so many!

Q. What has been the proudest movement in your career so far?

I think the first show I booked for Chanel was really special, since I was so new in the business then

Q. What makes you happy?

My family, friends and my dog

Q. Are you in a relationship?


Q. If you weren’t famous, what would you be up to right now?

I wouldn’t say that I’m famous, but I do study now, so if I wasn’t a model I would have more time for that

Q. What are you good at?

I think my best quality is my self discipline

Q. What is one thing people may be surprised to find out about you?

That I study chemistry

Q. As a kid, what did you want to be when you grow up?

I wanted to be a veterinarian

Q. What do you like doing in your spare time?

Make Tiktoks and hang out with friends

Q. How much do you work out?

Almost nothing, I just go for walks with my dog

Q. How many other languages do you speak?

Just English and Norwegian

Q. What is your greatest fear?

That bad things will happen to my family

Q. What was your most embarrassing movement?

Face planting on the catwalk

Q. Who is your celebrity crush?

Kristen Steward

Q. What is the important lesson life as thought you?

That all the worst times will pass, so hold on

Q. Tell us a secret?

It wouldn’t be a secret then

Q. Who is your favorite actor/ actress?

Samira Wiley

Q. What is your favorite color?


Q. What is your Height?

176cm (5 feet 7 Inches tall)

(Image Source: redkaroline Instagram)

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