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Nylah Burton is a Freelance Writer and Journalist, she writer for Vogue Magazine, Medium, The New York Times, and many more. Lately, Nylah landed in the controversy after Tweeting Queen Elizabeth should have died instead of Betty White, she made this Tweet on December 31st, 2021. Since her controversial comment, many social media users slammed the reporter. Piers Morgan wrote, “Delete this, you disgusting piece of work.” Then, American Journalist Kinsey Schofield wrote “Wishing death on an elderly woman that has dedicated her entire life to serving others is appalling, especially after such a traumatic year for the Queen. I am disappointed that anyone would think that was a cute tweet, let alone someone that has had the privilege to write for publications like Vogue. Queen Elizabeth has had one hell of a year and deserves to be loved and respected for the sacrifices that she had made in her lifetime.”

Who is Nylah Burton?


Nylah Burton




26 years old


5 feet 4 Inches tall

Nylah Burton is a Journalist and Freelance Writer, she graduated from Howard University with a degree in Caribbean literature. Nylah is working at Bustle as a Lifestyle Writer and also covers health, social justice, and mental health. Additionally, she has also been associated with several news publications including Flipboard, Vogue, Vulture, Yahoo Movies UK, British Vogue, Elite Daily, Vogue Italia, NextShark, RealClear Politics, Refinery29, Refinery29 Australia, Refinery29 Canada, Refinery29 UK, The Nation, Essence, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, The Forward, Vogue India, Vogue Arabia, Vogue Japan, Vogue España, Vogue México, Wear Your Voice, The Jewish News of Northern California, Shondaland, The Lily, Rewire News, Bitch Media, Vogue Taiwan, Vogue Russia, Jewish Currents, Image Journal, Hey Alma, Independent en Español, Lilith Magazine, RealClear Health, True Median, Vogue Singapore, Sweet July, ZORA, Medium, tenderly, The New York Times, Business Insider, HuffPost, MSN South Africa, The Independent, Yahoo India, Yahoo News UK, Yahoo Singapore, INSIDER, NBC News, The Verge, VICE, VICE UK, Yahoo Finance UK, Business Insider Australia, Vox, Yahoo, Yahoo Sport UK, Yahoo Sports, Bustle, Cosmopolitan, Jerusalem Post, New York Magazine, and Times of Israel.

Besides, she has a Patreon account under her name where she provides nine membership/subscription plans. Also, Nylah describes herself as an “Agent of Chaos.” On Patreon, she writes “I always find my head BURSTING with things I want to rant about. But waiting for editors to greenlight my pitches is torture, and too often, topics that I care about to get lost in random Google docs drafts. I don’t want my income or creativity to be solely dependent on fluctuating digital media budgets or trending topics on Twitter. Sometimes… I simply just want to sit down at my laptop and rant. Mostly about mental health stuff and all the bullshit that surrounds it in our society, but also about literature and internet drama and TV and fashion. Everything, really. I have lots of interests.” On Instagram, she goes by the name ‘yumcoconutmilk’ which is set to private and her LinkedIn account has been deleted.

In May 2019, a GoFundMe page was created on behalf of Nylah titled “Help Our Friend Leave A Dangerous Apartment,” an overall $2,545 USD raised of $2,000 goal. According to the page, Nylah lived in an apartment where her neighbor constantly shout N-word and she said “I am going to have to go to bed tonight listening to the word “n****r” over and over again. In an apartment with a predatory lease that I can’t get out of without paying them like $3,000 plus the rent and deposit for a new place,” and added “I can’t call the police, because he may know it’s us that called. This is Denver, after all, so we’re one of few Black people in this complex. I also can’t call the police because they might kill me or my partner, or maybe someone else.” Also, in 2020 she raised money for the “Black Survivors Healing Fund,” and was able to raise $45,950 USD.

How old is Nylah Burton?

Nylah Burton was born in 1994/1995, she is 26 years old. However, there is not much information about her father, mother, and siblings.

(Image Source: Nylah Burton Facebook, Insider, Bustle)

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