Who is V-Seven Beatz Viswaz? Interview with Rapper and Youtuber

Hey folks!! I am Nithi Shetty, I had an opportunity to interview V-Seven Beatz Viswaz aka Biswash Pandey, a Rapper, Songwriter, R&B Artist, and Social Media personality. He along with his brother Viveckh runs two successful Youtube channels including ‘EJ Station ft. V-Seven Beatz,’ and ‘V-Seven Beatz Music.’ Follow V-Seven Beatz Viswaz on Instagram.


Q. How did you Become Viral on Omegle?

In June 2020, a series of my videos in which I rap for strangers on Omegle went viral on TikTok. It helped push traffic to our official channels on YouTube.

Q. At What age did you Decide to Pursue your Career in Rap?

I started making music at the age of 12 following the footsteps of my older brother V (other half of V-Seven Beatz). I wouldn’t say I decided to pursue rap as a career at the time, but it was just one of my creative outlets.

Q. What’s your Birth Name?

Biswash Pandey

Q. Can you say Something about your Family?

I grew up in Kathmandu in a family of four. Me and my brother V bonded over music in our early teenage years and founded V-Seven Beatz in our shared bedroom/home studio in 2009. Surprisingly our parents were very supportive with this despite HipHop/Rap being something that was looked down upon as a music genre at the time. After V moved to the United States in 2013, we began collaborating and making music through remote collaboration over phone and video chats.

Q. What’s your Plan in Life?

Following my passion.

Q. What has been the Proudest Moment in your Career so far?

Putting out music and entertainment content for a decade despite the lack of audience and spotlight all these years.

Q. What makes you Happy?

A genuine feedback from my fans.

Q. Are you in a Eelationship?

Not at the moment.

Q. If you weren’t Famous, what would you be up to Right now?

I’d still be following my passion for producing and making creative content no matter the number of views and subscribers.

Q. What are you Good at?

The comments section often says it’s my multiple-personality character impressions.

Q. What is one thing people may be Surprised to find out About you?

Some people tend to think I use effects to change my voice in my rap videos, but in reality, I don’t. It’s just my plain voice.

Q. As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Honestly I didn’t have any idea at first. But music has always been one of the things that truly excites me.

Q. What do you like Doing in your spare time?

Go for a walk or maybe workout.

Q. How many other Languages do you speak?

3 languages. English, Nepali and Hindi. My Mother tongue is Nepali.

Q. What is your Greatest fear?


Q. What was your most Embarrassing Moment?

In one of the events during High school, I forgot the lyrics to my song I was about to perform.

Q. Who is your Celebrity Crush?

Hmm, I don’t think I have any at the moment.

Q. What is the Important Lesson life as thought you?

Life is all about exploring ourselves as a person and recognizing our true selves. And in the process, maybe leaving a positive impact in the lives of others.

Q. Tell us a secret?

I don’t really keep secrets.

Q. Who is your favorite Actor/Actress?

Adam Sandler, Will Smith, Kristen Stewart

Q. What is your favorite color?


Q. What is your Height?


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