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Interview with Social Media Personality Alena Yildiz

Hey folks!! I am Madhuri Shetty, I had an opportunity to interview the well-known Model, Social Media Personality, and an Instagram Influencer from Germany, Alena Yildiz. In the article, you will get to know about your favorite Social Media Personality. Before jumping into the Q&A, here is a little summary. She gained media attention after she revealed that her best friend who did not invite her has a bridesmaid for her wedding because the model Yildiz looks too good in her bridesmaid’s dress. Her Instagram boast 237K followers with 85 posts at the time of writing this article. Follow Alena Yildiz on Instagram.

Q. What Has Been The Proudest Moment In Your Career So Far?

Getting my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the age of 21.

Q. What Makes You Happy?

My family makes me the happiest.

Q. If You Weren’t Famous, What Would You Be Up To Right Now?

I don’t think I’m famous and I‘m currently studying Psychology.

Q. What Are You Good At?

I think I‘m actually good at fashion since all my friends borrow my clothes. To me that‘s really cool.

Q. What Is One Thing People May Be Surprised To Find Out About You?

A lot of people are surprised that I‘m turkish! My parents are both 100% turkish, I was just born and raised in Germany. Maybe it’s because of my name, since Alena is not a turkish name.

Q. As a kid, What Did You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

I always wanted to be a doctor but now I‘m going to be a psychologist so that‘s kinda close.

Q. What Do You Like Doing In Your Spare Time?

I spend all my free time with my friends or my family.

Q. How Much Do You Work Out?

Actually I don‘t work out at all, I hate every form of exercise which is very unhealthy, I know.

Q. How Many Other Languages Do You Speak?

Besides german and english, I speak turkish.

Q. What is Your Greatest Fear?

Failure, since I‘m a very ambitious person.

Q. Who Is Your Celebrity Crush?

I don‘t have a celebrity crush.

Q. What Is The Important Lesson Life As Though You?

To not trust anyone, no matter how close you are or how long you have known each other. Also always be yourself and never pretend to be someone you‘re not.

Q. Tell us a secret?

I don’t like chocolate.

Q. What Is Your Favorite Color?

It kind of depends on my mood, but most of the time it‘s purple.

Q. What is your Height?


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