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Yael Cohen Aris is an Instagram Model, Entrepreneur, Influencer, and Digital media creator. Lately, she made the headlines after a company modeled sex dolls after her. The company in the question is Irontech, according to Yael the dolls is very similar to her such as facial features, hair, glasses, and similar name. On January 13th, Yael took to Instagram and shared a video interview with the Israel news channel and wrote. “Help me do justice. A sex doll named “Yael” is being manufactured and sold to all over the world, by many sellers based in different countries. The name of the doll is not a coincidence, it was developed from me, it was connected to my identity and carries my image. And if that’s not enough – my own photos, videos and social media links were attached in a forum before, during and after the doll’s company revealed the doll,” and added “And I do that because I’m very helpless and I’d love your help. I want to bring this bizarre story to an end and solve this as soon as possible. Please, If you know anything or anyone who could maybe help me, let me know.”

Then, in the following post, she wrote “I’m very thankful there were so many great people who wanted to help and support, and I truly appreciate it .I don’t know if I’ll be able to get justice but I promise to try to navigate it to a positive direction as much as I can, produce a lesson out of it and raise awareness, and hopefully gain my control back! Sharing about it unintentionally gave me a huge reminder to all the work still need to be done in changing people’s perception. But this frustrating doll incident or the many people who are still thinking women aren’t allowed to express themselves confidently without being judged, violated, blamed and brought down – won’t prevent me from being myself or stop me from moving forward and do what I believe in,” and continued “Quite the opposite, it made me realize I want to bring and share even more of myself.”

However, she also received a hate comment, one user wrote “Honestly what did you expect? The way you portray yourself on instagram is not that far from wha they’re doing. which is using your physical attractiveness to gain something, mostly fame and money. You’re not a trademarkand having your face on a product i doubt is illegal,” to which Yael replied “What did i expect? For start that people will think before writing. The way i “portray myself” is my own choice and right and not someone else business or a consent to violate me. And i wwould nicely suggest you to check your facts again.” Later, another user wrote “Well it’s kinda your fault too. I mean i know you know you’re sexy but your content is an opendoor for this unfortunate fact,” then Yael replied “No, its 100% not my fault, a better way to phrase it is – saying that sharing ourself on internet contains some risks to consider, expressing sexiness through content could attract more harassments or other “unfortunate fact” but sill is not someone’s fault.”

Who is Yael Cohen Aris?


Yael Cohen Aris




25 years old


Will Update


5 feet 9 Inches tall

Net Worth

$300K to $500K USD

Yael Cohen Aris is an Instagram model who boasts 1.1 million followers during the time of writing, her bio reads “Programmer, veteran, and apparently a creator, Trying to combine media & tech.” In 2015, she attended Mamram and studied IDF Programmer, from 2015 to 2019 Yael served as the software engineer at Israel Defense Forces, she joined the IDF at the age of 18 and during her tenure, she worked on information Security and Information Systems. Also, Yale is a full stack web developer and Scrum Master, even was in charge of the UX department. In 2018, she graduated from The Open University of Israel with Software Engineering. Following next, she launched a website called YC Demons which didn’t last long, then launched HolyLand, a digital magazine, and according to the website “HolyLand was created to support the ideas of freedom, acceptance and the ability to contain others. The magazine is focusing on promoting the freedom of women to express themselves – their bodies, their femininity and their sexuality,” also has an Instagram account under the name “holylandmag.” In 2021, Yael launched her first company, YC Group. Besides, Yael has an OnlyFans account under the name Yael Magazine and provides four level subscriptions plans including $20 per month, $51 for three months with 15% off, $90 for six months with 25%off, and $156 for twelve months with 35% off. Further, Yael runs a self-entitled youtube channel and during the time of writing, she has 9.25k subscribers.

How old is Yael Cohen Aris?

Yael Cohen Aris was born in 1996/1997 in Israel, she is 25 years old. However, there is not much information about her father, mother, and siblings.

Who is Yael Cohen Aris Boyfriend?

Unlike other celebrities, Yael Cohen Aris kept her relationship status in private. However, we do not know if she is currently dating or Single. Nevertheless, we will keep you updated once we receive any information regarding her love life.

How Rich is Yael Cohen Aris?

The estimated Net Worth of Yael Cohen Aris is between $300K to $500K USD.

(Image Source: Yael Cohen Aris Instagram)

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